Man United’s 7th Place Finish, City & Everton’s Rise: How The Premier League Has Evolved

Premier League

What does the Premier League offer? Well if you ask any football fan out there, they’d all give you the same exact response – “It’s the most competitive and thrilling league out of the whole lot.” And what can be said about this is gradual development of course. It was basically on par with/edging out the other top flight leagues until the past couple of years. There’s been a mass change in the way the EPL has operated and with every passing season, there’s an incredible increase in the thrill of action.

Once upon a time, the EPL was looked at from a very different perspective as compared to the present day scenario. The Big Four was referred to as a tagline for the four elite clubs of the league, which basically meant that the entire season was surrounded by their dominance throughout, up until recently (maybe 3-4 years ago) where clubs like Manchester City and Everton are moving up and showcasing their uprising strength and tactical intelligence to compete against the so called best and hold their own in one of the most toughest leagues in the world.

Other clubs like Southampton, Stoke City and Swansea City have shown signs of resilience against the big teams and have managed to stay atop their own food chain to keep their supremacy over the lower clubs intact.

By now, the higher ranked teams are faced with a challenge to conquer and empower their authority all over; otherwise a highly possible decline is in order – something of the sort we saw with Manchester United falling off their throne last season placing them in a mediocre 7th position due to lack of team value and managerial mistakes of the ever popular, David Moyes. But that definitely isn’t the tip of it all. All these lower clubs were able to come through with blazing guns and take down the 20 time Champions with smart tactics and positive team chemistry.

The way coaching a team has come into play over the years has also sprung the development of most of the teams in the Premier League. It’s all standardized over the various parts of Europe and with the EPL being the centre of attention; a lot of clubs have benefitted from it and have proven that their style of football is changing for the better. More and more effort is being put into the technical aspects such as passing and composure to keep the game running at a smooth pace. This wasn’t the case a few years back with most matches being comparable only on a physical standard only. The EPL is on the brink of exceptional football and this season might just be the start to the largest competition ever, brewing up even before the whistle blows on August 16th.

With so many teams vying for glory, who wouldn’t want to sit back, relax and enjoy good football, on a regular basis? With other leagues like the La Liga and Bundesliga also there near the EPL standards, nothing comes close to how consistent the games are played at. There’s no dip in the level of football every game-week unlike other leagues where a match nears the boring peak around the 50th minute. There’s always a sense of good football anywhere, but with consistency sets the EPL apart from any other league out there.

Basically the entire EPL year is thrown into randomness where you never know if the club you’re supporting is going up or down in the table. Such is the evolution of the Premier League and has drawn the eyes of newfound football fans across the globe to follow a team in this league. It’s good to see how the league has changed over the years, because from a football fan’s perspective, looking forward to the start of the season becomes a sort of sheer excitement and pleasure when it finally starts. The matches are more delightful and the fights between club fans become more fun and intellectual.

So if you’re new to football and want to start out by watching something interesting, go for the EPL. It’s bigger than ever this year, a lot is at stake and any team can take home the trophy at the end of the season; maybe even QPR, you never know.     

Written by Dinesh V

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