Man United should do everything in their power to snap up this teenage star – would secure their future

Why Manchester United should win the race for Joao Felix

The Daily Mail has reported that Manchester United and even Barcelona are chasing after Benfica youngster Joao Felix, with the starlet flourishing for the Portuguese side.

Joao Felix has already been a subject to a failed £61million bid by Liverpool during the January transfer window according to Portuguese news outlet Correio de Manha. That hasn’t seemed to deter Manchester United, though, and given the 19-year-old’s skill-set, the Red Devils should try winning that race.

Few newspapers have called Joao Felix a mix of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, which is no surprise given how good he has been. However, while he has a long way to go before coming even close to being compared to arguably two of the greatest players to grace the game, Felix certainly has the talent and the ability to become world class.

What will interest Manchester United, is the fact that the 19-year-old can play as either a winger, centre-forward or in his preferred number 10 role. The Portuguese starlet excels as a number 10, thanks to his creativity and eye for a pass, with Felix able to find teammates brilliantly.

Not to mention, his aggression should help him adjust to the physically intense Premier League, and with time Joao Felix could become a great asset. For a 19-year-old, Felix is certainly confident of his skills and ability on the ball, showing maturity and composure well beyond his years, and that’s partly because of his time at FC Porto.

The Portuguese starlet started his career there before being released by the club. However, for the Red Devils at the moment, the likes of Jesse Lingard, Nemanja Matic and even Paul Pogba rule their midfield, which means that any move for Felix would see him warm the bench.

That really shouldn’t happen for a player at this stage in his career, which is why any move would either have to be included with a loan-spell.

This would only help Joao Felix especially if it’s to a Premier League side. The 19-year-old has shown improvements over the years and has even started working harder after getting dropped from the Benfica side.

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Things will only improve as he moves forward, but a move at the moment would be detrimental to both his development and chances of surviving in the Premier League. Maybe two or three years down the line, the Red Devils should arguably be the first team out of the gates and given the interest, Felix will have his pick of sides.


Written by Siddhant Lazar

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