Man City Defender Kolo Toure’s Affair With Model Kessel Kasuisyo Revealed

Manchester City defender Kolo Toure’s relationship with UK based Zimbabwean model and student Kessel Kausiyo has been revealed after the model claimed that he tricked her into the affair by claiming to be a Businessman named Francois from Africa who sells cars. 

Kolo Toure is married and has two childrens before he was attracted by the model outside a nightclub where they first met two years ago. And according to Kessel Kasuisyo, they swapped numbers and after some initial textual conversation, Toure would offer her a ride back home pretending to be in UK for some Business work.  

According to the Mirror, Toure would wear sunglasses and a baseball cap to hide his real identity. Kolo Toure was banned from football last year by FA for failing in a drug test and incredibly Toure managed to hide his true identity for more than two years. It was not until one his wife’s friends told Kessel about him and the model came to know his true face when she googled and found out some his wedding pictures.

KoloToure finds himself in a spot of bother after model Kessel Kasuisyo revealed their relationship

A devastated Kessel talking to the Sunday Mirror said:

“I am devastated. On some of the wedding pictures he is crying but a few weeks before he was in my bed

“Two or three weeks after the wedding he was at mine. Around the time he got married he called and said he was back in Africa and had just sold two cars.

“I believed everything he said, I am hurt and confused by it all. Maybe he wanted me to be a second wife. I just don’t know. Everything about his strange ­behaviour now all makes sense.”

Kessel met Toure, whose brother Yaya also plays for City, outside the Bijou nightclub in Manchester in September 2010. “He started chatting me up and we swapped numbers,” she says.

“Then he gave me a lift home. The next day he called me and we met at a hotel. I told him he looked familiar and he just said maybe he looks like somebody. He said he sold cars in Africa and did some charity work.”

At least Toure wasn’t lying about his charity work – he is an ambassador for Save The Children.

Kessel says: “He said he came from Ghana and was a student too. He said his father was a minister. I am not a fan of football. I thought maybe I had seen him on telly with his father.”

He called her again within a fortnight and they met in the same hotel, the ­Malmaison in Manchester. “He bought me some sexy white lingerie and black shoes,” says Kessel. “We started kissing and ended up doing it.”

Kessel claims their relationship was on and off until December of that year.

“We would go a week without seeing each other and then he would call me. Sometimes we would meet twice in a week,” she says. “I asked if he had a girlfriend and he said no.”

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