Main Favorites of New Champions League Season

When Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo left Madrid “Real”, other teams gained a good chance to challenge it and interrupt its unconditional leadership. We’ll see whether they’ll do this in this season.

The leaving of two important persons of the Royal Club shocked fans and experts all over the world. It seemed that “Real” won’t notice its rivals and will lift the main trophy in the next season. But we see that a new coach of the team is Julen Lopetegui and its style of playing is changing.

This is quite obvious, as many leaders of the team are already aged players and obvious changes are needed in such conditions. The problem is that the “Real” management won’t forgive Lopetegui for failure and will expect the team winning the Champions League and La Liga.

Many Madrid fans are confused by the leaving of stars and other teams are ready to take advantage of this.

This opens up great prospects for them but it’s still clear that the main favorite will be “Real”.

Potential Candidates for the Title

However, much is shifting against “Real”. Let’s see who will take advantage of this in the near future:

  1.      “Barcelona”. The main competitor and the most principal rival of “Real” has long been tired of the monopolization of “Real” at the most prestigious club competition of the Old World. As “Barcelona” has Messi, it’ll be a favorite at all matches it takes part in.
  2.      “Manchester City”. Guardiola’s team literally left no chance for its competitors at the English Championship. In the Champions League, it was stopped only by “Liverpool”. Let’s see whether the “citizens” will show striking and attacking football in Europe, just like in the EPL.
  3.      “Bayern”. Germans have stopped at the semifinal stage already for several seasons. They have a balanced squad and are able to fight for the victory.
  4.      “PSG”. Every year, Parisians create loud transfers and, probably, they’ll finally achieve good results on the international area this time.
  5.      “Liverpool”. In the last season, the team of Кlopp reached the final but lost only because of stupid mistakes of the goalkeeper. This summer, the club has strengthened its positions and is ready to win the main trophy.

There’s a high likelihood that already in this season we’ll know the name of the winner of the Champions League and this can be even not a Spanish team, which hasn’t been real since 2013.


Written by SoccerSouls

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