Luton Town’s first EPL Game is postponed

The new season in the English Premier League will be very interesting to watch because the top clubs have already made many transfers. With that said, we will also have the chance to meet the new additions to the top-tier football league, one of which is Luton Town.

It’s been a while since this club has been among the best, so it’s no surprise that Canadians who use the to play casino games and then decide to bet on sports will be interested in it. Like all new football clubs in a top-tier competition, we can expect a lot of good odds and interesting options.

Speaking of Luton Town, it seems like the club will have some problems at the beginning of the EPL because of its stadium, so let’s go through the information you need to know.

The stadium

According to the most recent news, Kenilworth Road, Lutton Town’s Stadium, which is almost 120 years old, has failed to meet the English Premier League’s standards. The club has started doing renovations, but it seems like they are not ready yet, so the first game for Lutton Town will be held elsewhere.

Originally, Lutton Town’s first match should have occurred on August 19, but following the news, it will be rearranged. Speaking of the devil, the club is trying to improve its stadium so that it will live up to the expectations. This includes adding a new stand for the media.

According to the Premier League, Luton Town FC could not guarantee that the work would be done on time, so it’s better if the match against Burnley FC takes place elsewhere. With that said, there were plans for Lutton to move to a new stadium a couple of years from now, but it seems like the club and fans may have to wait because the team needs to spend a lot of money on the renovations.

Lutton FC in the Premier League

Luton’s arrival in the English Premier League surprised a lot of fans because the club has not been a part of it since 1992. Considering it’s been more than 30 years, it is no surprise that football fans will be very interested in seeing the team’s results. The first game will be against Brighton, and it will take place on 12 August.

In terms of postponed EPL games, we also know that the City vs Brentford clash on 23 December will also be moved because City will have to take part in the FIFA Club World Cup after the team has won the UEFA Champions League.