Lukaku vs Sakho And Other Key Battles That Will Decide Liverpool’s Game vs Everton

After a marginal victory at Vitality Stadium over Bournemouth, Liverpool will be welcoming Everton at Anfield in their next premier league fixture. The task is not easy but, they must do anything to win the game if they tend to finish their campaign in top 5.

Liverpool are currently 8th on the table, just 2 points behind West Ham (6th) and 5 points behind Manchester United (5th). Furthermore, more, Everton are on the 11th spot and are 3 points behind the defending leaders Chelsea and a win would take the Blues above in terms of goal difference.

The last time these 2 sides met, both had to settle down with a point as the game ended 1-1. Everton this season are struggling a lot and are having the worst season under Roberto Martinez. Liverpool, on the other hand, are improving match after match under Jurgen Klopp and every player is performing out of their skins. Liverpool’s attack is considered as one of the best under Klopp and so, Everton have to be aware of the problems Sturridge and Origi can cause.

The matches like these (Merseyside derby) always brings a high quality football where the patience of the every player is tested. Let us look at the 3 key on-field battles that will decide the upcoming match-

Stones vs Sturridge/Origi-

As Liverpool’s manager is experimenting with his squad, no one can predict who will start the next game and who will be on the bench. Either way, Sturridge or Origi can give Stones a run for the money. Despite being a flop last season in Ligue 1, Klopp has made Origi a beast this year. He didn’t have many chances under Rodgers, but, is fulfilling his dreams under Klopp. He is a pacey and a tricky forward.

If Klopp opts for Sturridge, Stones will have a rather easy task. Stones know how to tackle in style and is a pure English defender. He can match the pace of Sturridge very easily and can beat him in the air as well. He will have to very careful as, Milner, Ibe or Allen will be looking to cut down their defence with a through pass.

Lukaku vs Sakho-

The two giants exchanged some bitter words in their previous fixture (At Goodison). Klopp is aware of Lukaku’s ability and looking at that, he would give Sakho the job to still his attacks. This will be a physical battle as both are known for their strengths. Lukaku is a good header of the ball and so is Sakho. Lukaku has got pace which can beat Sakho in some cases. Lukaku has got a powerful left foot and he can strike the ball from distance as well, so, Sakho will have an important task in the game.

Despite Everton’s poor form, Lukaku is still in the contention of the premier league top scorers and will be looking to score more.

Deulofeu vs Moreno-

Liverpool’s full backs have been excellent recently but, so has been Gerard Deulofeu. Being a Spanish blood, he is accurate in his passing and his crossing. Moreno, on the other hand, have been pretty good in supporting the attacks but, he lacks in terms of defending. His pace sometimes works against him. While attacking, he leaves so much of space at the back and, the opponent’s wingers takes full advantage of it.

Deulofeu is known for his pace and his accurate crossing and that is the main reason he needs to be stopped. Being a right winger, he will be facing his countryman Alberto Moreno who can easily match his pace but will have to work hard to intercept his crosses. Deulofeu has not hit his top form this season but, is not an easy one to beat as well. If Moreno keeps a firm hold on him, Everton’s attack will automatically slow down.


Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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