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Lukaku: “I Hope Everton Finish Higher Than Chelsea”

Chelsea forward Romelu Lukaku who was loaned to Everton in the Summer has publicly criticized Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho for sending him on a loan move.

Lukaku expressed his frustration and stated that he would want to score more than all the present Chelsea strikers and also want Everton to finish above his parent club Chelsea.

Lukaku: I want Everton to finish above chelsea
Lukaku: I want Everton to finish above Chelsea

He said to (Belgian newspaper Nieuwsblad) ,

“I couldn’t do much about it. The coach made his choice, and, as a player, you have to respect it. I went along with it, and it is now up to me to prove he was wrong.”

“It has been two years in a row now, and it does make you question things and wonder why. But that’s life. You just have to get on with it. The only thing I can do is play well and score as many goals as I can, and then maybe people will notice what I am about.”

“Everyone (Jose) has their own opinion on things. I can only underline my case by scoring more goals than all the strikers currently at Chelsea, and that is what I will be striving to do this season.”

The young talented striker continued,

“I hope my goals will help Everton finish higher than Chelsea. I am at Everton for the season, and I want to do as well as I possibly can for them. I also hope Jose Mourinho and I are both at Chelsea for a long time, because I want the best for Chelsea and I know he is a good coach.”



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