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Luis Suarez To Manchester United? 3 Reasons Why This Will Never Happen

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Luis Suarez To Manchester United?

Reading some of the transfer rumours felt like waking up on the first of April. The biggest or craziest rumour to have come out in recent times is the fact that Manchester United are looking to sign a Barcelona forward.


While we have heard such rumours about Neymar being targeted by the English clubs, this time, it is his strike partner who is in the limelight and it isn’t Lionel Messi targeted by Van Gaal. Luis Suarez is the player in question and even if Manchester United do throw about some crazy money, the deal looks highly unlikely to take place.

Football might be a crazy world and we have seen some rather ludicrous deals take place but here are three reasons why this deal will never take place.

  1. The Patrice Evra incident

Everyone remembers the Patrice Evra incident and why Luis Suarez was banned for eight games. Manchester United fans will never forget the incident and Luis Suarez probably won’t ever either. The Uruguayan who played for Liverpool at that time still pleads his innocence.

Expecting him to return to the Premier League and sign for the club that almost got him kicked out of the country for no matter how much money there is on the planet would certainly question his character and more importantly, would Manchester United fans want to welcome a player that they vilified so regularly and cheer for him when he scores?

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