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LOL! Chelsea Superstar Claims He Is A “Big Joker” Off The Pitch

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Diego Costa

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Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been all over the news in recent times for all the wrong reasons. After being given a retrospective three-game ban from the FA for the incident Arsenal defenders Laurent Koscielny and Gabriel last month, things have not looked great for the Spanish international. However, the former Atletico Madrid man has said that away from the intense atmosphere of the football arena, he is nothing but a softy and one of the biggest jokers in the Blues’ squad.

Diego Costa
Diego Costa

Costa was asked recently in an interview if he had any fears, to which he said, “Just God. I think if you fear someone, another person it is not a good thing.”

“I respect. I have respect for my parents, my wife, my daughter and God. But respect, not fear. I don’t have fear. I have respect.”

“For example, if there is a massive guy and he comes over and we are going to have a problem, I don’t get involved with him.”

“I don’t fear him but I respect him.”

“Am I as tough off the pitch as I am on it? Not really no. I am completely different off the pitch.”

Further talking about his mischievous side, he added, “One of the physios is Brazilian and he played a joke on us first and we got together, all the Brazilian boys – me, Oscar, Ramires.”

“He was in the hotel so we got the keys for his room, went in and absolutely trashed the room, all his clothes and everything, so he couldn’t spend the night there.”

“He knew it was me because apparently everything that happens is my fault, even the jokes.”