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Liverpool’s Season Is A Success, Even If The Reds Fail To Win The Title

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Four years of disappointment, impasse, fizzle, blow of the Liverpool fans have finally found their ends. Though Brendan Rodgers’ debut season at Anfield telecasted the game of roller-coaster worldwide, the players showed good composure and consistence in the manger’s second on-going season. Liverpool are currently the leaders of the Premier League with 77 points gained in 34 games, two more than Chelsea and seven more than Manchester City, who do have two games in hand.

Liverpool Kolo Toure Mignolet

Each and every step, seized by Rodgers in the summer deserves a big loud of applause as the Northern Irish man halted the Suarez’s Arsenal move along with Adrenaline-enriched mission of off-loading high earners, who don’t suit in his style of play. Though the Liverpool defense had rumpled in times, the power of Reds’ attack yells those mistakes could be forgiven. Liverpool have scored 93 goals in this season so far with Luis Suarez leading the score line with 29, who just needs six more to write a new chapter in the pages of history.

Last season stats: Played: 38, Points: 61, Goal Forward: 71, Goal Against: 43.

Rodgers initially played the slow passing tiki-taka game before drifting to the fast, furious, pressing attacking football. Instead of spending more time with the ball on the field, players move it very quickly in the search of more goals. The addition of Sturridge and Coutinho in the squad has magnified the strength of Reds’ attack to the newer heights. Liverpool’s 93 goals tally in 34 games is already 22 more than the entire last season and their 77 points is already 16 more.

Present season stats: Played: 34, Points: 77, Goal Forward: 93, Goal Against: 42.

Liverpool scored only five goals in the opening five premier league games, picking up 10 points out of possible 15. But, the return of Suarez from suspension has immensely improved the strength of attack, forming a crucial partnership with Sturridge upfront. Rodgers once again takes the credit for fitting both Suarez and Sturridge in his style of play to increase the threat of the attack.

The percentage of possession is reduced, but the number of shots on target has vastly amended. The finishes have been clinical and the creation of chances has showed a majestic rise. Liverpool are currently at second in the premier league table in the conversion per chances ratio.

Throughout the entire season, Rodgers has played a variety of formations- over-hyped 4-2-3-1, traditional 4-4-2, Italian’s three-men defense, midfield diamond. Taking our vision to a step closer than that of the previous, the curiosity of Henderson would be admired. The Englishman has showed his full potential in all the positions he operated- Right winger, Right wing back, Attacking midfielder, Left midfielder. His key passes, chances creation, assists have convincingly increased in numbers.

Gerrard has been dropped to deeper role since the Stoke City game in January. Lying in the deep, the captain’s contribution to the defense along with a sight on the attack is appreciable. Converting the penalties when team needed the most, releasing the forwards to find the target, solidifying the defensive strength have been the qualities of the Veteran all season.

Concentrating on the exactly opposite side of the field, the defensive organisation has been shaky throughout the season. Liverpool have conceded more poor goals than any other premier league team in this season so far. Toure’s own goal at Fulham and miss pass at West Brom, Skrtel’s carelessness at Hull, Mignolet’s untidy body language at Chelsea and Man City capture the headlines while entering this topic. Liverpool have already conceded 42 goals in this season which is just one less than the entire last season.

At the present moment, Liverpool are just four wins away from winning their first league title in 24 years. Rodgers has entirely transformed the heart-broken Liverpool side to one of the most powerful attacking sides in Europe. Even if Liverpool won’t win the title atleast for Gerrard’s loyalty, this season is a great success for the Merseysiders.