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Liverpool’s Dream Team That Could Be Lined Up For The 2016-17 Season Including This German Superstar

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It has been a roller coaster ride for Liverpool this season too as Brendan Rodgers was finally sacked after a poor run of form and ‘The Normal One’ was announced as the new manager. But after the arrival of the German, everyone has observed the optimism, the hunger and the desire in the team to win the matches. Well, that is the magic of the ‘Normal One’. The last time Liverpool fought for the title was back in 2013-14 season when Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge were leading the attack for the Reds. Since then, they are lacking in their spine and the successful team should have a strong spine in order to win the games.

Since the arrival of Klopp, many players like Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren and Emre Can have improved . It can be said that the three will surely save Liverpool’s millions in the transfer market this coming summer. Lovren and Lallana were the two bitter disappointments of Liverpool last season but Klopp has turned them into an integral part of the club at this very moment. It cannot be suggested that Lovren and Lallana will form a long-term base at the club but yes, they are important for the club.

Emre Can was criticized of not finding his best position in the club and hence, his progress was stagnating. But, finally under Klopp he is a regular player in the club.

Then there are some transfer rumours in which big names are associated with the clubs and here we are listing Liverpool’s predicted line-up for the 2016-17 season including the rumored players.

  1. Marc-Ter-Stegen-

According to Liverpool’s Legend Jamie Carragher, Klopp should drop Mignolet from the squad after his poor performance in a 3-1 penalty loss against Manchester City. Mignolet’s performances this season have been a source of concern for Liverpool fans and with Liverpool chasing Marc-Ter-Stegen who is rumored to be loaned out this summer from Barcelona.

  1. Jonas Hector-

Another German, who can replace the current left-back Alberto Moreno. The Spanish full-back also had a poor start of the season and may be allowed to leave the club in the summer transfer window.

  1. Dejan Lovren-

The Crotian defender is one of the players who has come out of the shell after the arrival of Jurgen Klopp. The defender who is very tough to beat proved his worth and is an important player who cannot be left out in any case.

  1. Joel Matip-

The 24-year-old central defender rejected an offer to stay at Schalke is one of the 2 signings Klopp has made. The German-born player could replace Dejan Lovren or Sakho in the defensive area.

  1. Nathaniel Clyne-

After a frustrating start to the season, the player is getting back in form and is getting his shape. Played full 90 minutes against the defending champions Germany, this full-back is the unsung hero for the Liverpool team this season.

  1. Emre Can-

Called up from his national side, this time, the player can play in almost every position on the pitch. His shot accuracy has risen up to 56% under the German manager whereas he has created 27 chances for the team in just 20 games.

  1. James Milner-

The tireless player on the pitch he is one the best player Liverpool have in their current squad. Deployed sometimes in full backs positions this player is flexible and quick and can easily put himself in the coach’s plan.

  1. Philippe Coutinho-

Simply the best midfielders of his age, this young man has all the abilities in the world. He has got pace, he has got great striking abilities. He is the most reliable player on which the team can rely to get themselves a goal in tough situations.

  1. Adam Lallana-

The player who can create central midfield ability is this one. This attacking midfielder has the vision, has the talent to find the player and can provide deadly crosses as well. A workhorse for the club, he is an important element in Liverpool’s side.

  1. Mario Gotze-

This player is constantly linked with a move to the Premier League in the summer after his frustrating time at the Allianz Arena. Well, if he reunites with his former boss the club can surely boost their attack and their pace. No one can question the abilities of this player as he was the only one who scored in the World Cup Final.

  1. Saido Berahino-

Many Premier League clubs are in the hunt to sign this West Bromwich striker. With uncertain future of Benteke and Sturridge, Klopp’s side will be needing someone to lead the attack. A brilliant finisher of the ball, this striker can surely manage to catch-up with Gotze and Lallana up front.

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