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Liverpool would have struck gold by signing this powerful 19-year-old midfield dynamo and here’s why

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Why Liverpool should have signed Sandro Tonali when they had the chance

Liverpool have made a good start to their league season with a 100% record so far. Prior to the league campaign, there were some questions as to whether the Reds could keep their run going and if they had overachieved last season.

They did not make any notable transfers that’ll have an impact on their first-team, holding on to the squad that they already built under Jurgen Klopp.

However, they could’ve made moves to sign some youngsters. One such individual was Sandro Tonali of Brescia, who was linked with a move to Anfield.

Tonali is a ‘regista’, meaning someone who dictates the tempo of the game from a deep position in the midfield. He’s usually been deployed in that formation in a 4-3-3, which is the same formation that Liverpool use.

The Italian is only 19 and has already made 55 appearances, with many of them coming in the Serie B.

He’s also played in the Italian U19 and U21 sides and has a bright future ahead of him. His style of play is similar to that of Italian legend Andrea Pirlo, who is the most popular regista in modern times.

Like Pirlo, Tonali has a fantastic passing range, is extremely calm under pressure and when receiving the ball.

Tonali’s age is a factor here, as he is quite energetic and does a lot of defensive work for his side as well. Pirlo’s talents were brought forward at a much later age comparatively and Tonali’s reputation will allow him to develop far more quickly.

Liverpool are popular for their gegen-pressing but since the introduction of the likes of Alisson and Fabinho, they’ve become a more possession-dominating side.

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp

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Like all great clubs in the past, teams need to keep renewing themselves after a four-year period and many of Liverpool’s current crop will be ageing soon.

Hence, it’s important that they keep building after achieving success to carry it on. Thus, Liverpool should’ve tried harder to sign someone with Tonali’s talents.