Liverpool Transfers: Three Reasons Why The Failed Medical Is A Blessing In Disguise For The Reds


They say everything happens for a reason. Apparently the worst things in life can also have some good effects and in the longer run  the person with whom disaster happens thanks his fortune because it happened. French striker Loic Remy failing the medical can have the same effect on the Liverpool management down the line.

What is seeming a catastrophe at the moment can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the club. After Luis Suarez left Liverpool for Barcelona in the summer, the management have been looking at options from different sources and the club was poised to sign Remy from QPR until he failed the medical. But we feel that as much as the management feels it as a glitch, in the end it will be a positive thing and we give three reasons as to why we feel that.

Surplus requirement

Liverpool wanted to invest the Suarez money in their squad and build a team for the future. They wanted to have players who would be able to take the workload of the Premier League as well as the Champions League. And instead of a like to like replacement for the Uruguayan they went for the experience for Rickie Lambert, the youthfulness and raw talent of Divock Origi and the wing wizard Lazar Marković.

While it is yet to be cleared as to who will start alongside Sturridge next season, having Remy would have been surplus to the backup needs. As good a player Remy is, he is not first team material at a club like Liverpool and he is too good to sit on the bench waiting for his chances. Hence the problem.

The marquee signing

Luis Suarez has left the club amid all the efforts of Liverpool and there is a big hole in the team right now. He was the heart and soul of the club and the creator of innumerable goals. Loic Remy is definitely not the answer to that. What Liverpool should really do is to have a big name player to calm the supporters down and also maintain the overall strength of the team. The ideal player would be someone like Marco Reus and there was a sense that if Remy would have joined the club, then he would have been projected as that marquee player, which he clearly is not. Perhaps the failed medical can do the trick now and the management will soon look to sign a true replacement of Suarez.

The wage burden

Loic Remy was supposed to join Newcastle when he first arrived in England, but he chose to be a QPR player for an astronomical wage supposedly in the region of £75,000. It is true that there were talks about his wage cut on joining Liverpool, but still it cannot be guaranteed that the wage cut would have been that much to really make a difference. It would have been difficult for the club to meet his demands and not start a war in the team. Remy’s failed medical has saved Liverpool of that embarrassment and tons of money.



Written by Dinesh V

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