Liverpool Set To Host Four Nations Rugby Final In November

Liverpool’s Anfield will be the venue for rugby finals in November. The Four Nations rugby League tournament includes teams from Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland and the tournament is held biannually. The final for the same is to be held on November 20th.

The Rugby tournament is the second biggest tournament in the world and thus is held at six different venues like London, Coventry, Hull and Liverpool. This is the first ever Rugby League fixture to be held in Anfield in 20 years.

The Anfield will undergo some changes so as to fit in more number of viewers for a showpiece like that of the Four Nations Rugby Tournament. The news was announced in Liverpool’s official website, stating the confirmed news that the finals will be held at the Anfield, further stating that the Anfield will include a brand new Main Stand in full use for the tournament.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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