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Why Liverpool Should Sack It’s Transfer Committee And Let Klopp Handle Transfer Matters

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Liverpool’s transfer committee is back into the spotlight and again it is under severe criticism. Liverpool’s transfer committee has always been under scrutiny for their mismanagement.

Since Jurgen Klopp has taken over, he has done many things which show that Liverpool are progressing. Many of his failings last year were forgiven only for one excuse, ‘This is not Klopp’s team.’ During the German’s time at Borussia Dortmund, he developed a team which was not only successful but also admired across Europe. Hence a lot was expected from Klopp at Liverpool this summer but things have gone very slowly. When the ECHO reported yesterday that Liverpool’s bid worth 7 million pounds for Ben Chilwell had been rejected by Leicester City, it raged many fans. And their reactions on social media were not good.

The transfer committee needs to put everything into the manager’s hands. Before joining Liverpool, Klopp had made it clear that he will always have the final verdict on transfers. But the FSG have a habit of poking their noses into transfer matters. Yes, they are the people who fund the transfers but they should not decide which players to buy. The manager always needs to have the final verdict on transfers.

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The problem seems to be the players who are being linked with Liverpool. Recently Andros Townsend has been linked with the club. And the reports of Liverpool almost completing the signings of Piotr Zielinski and Sadio Mane have already made the rounds on websites. Players like Zielinski and Mane do have the talent but fans are expecting “big, world class” players to join Liverpool. The fans want players like Gonzalo Higuain to join Liverpool rather than Mane. Players who have Champions League experience and can guide the club to the Champions League as well as make the club credible title challengers.  Liverpool are a club with a rich past and a glorious future. But to make this future truly glorious, Liverpool need to bring in top class players.

The transfer committee also needs a change, it seems. The FSG have done some blunders over the past few seasons and maybe a new committee will prove to be great for the club. But for the moment, Liverpool should only sign players that Klopp thinks will suit the team. If he likes a layer, the transfer committee should do everything possible to bring that player to the team. The transfers should be left for the manager to handle.

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