Liverpool Or Manchester United? Which Team Should This Rising English Talent Sign For?

The reality of Premier league football for the Championship clubs which get promoted means that more often than not when they get relegated, they have to sell their star players in hopes of playing safe for next season when they do lose out on Premier League revenue, the parachute payment is not enough all the time and one such player who could be leaving a club would be Danny Ings.

Danny Ings
Danny Ings

Championship club but different situation

The Danny Ings situation is a little different with the fact that the striker would be leaving on a free at the end of the season. Burnley had the chance to make a little money by fixing a transfer in January but decided not to and they would now lose him on a free. Ings has been the one ray of hope for Burnley, who now seem to be picking up points and keeping the striker could have been one of the smartest moves, in case they do survive.

There are a couple of clubs out there to sign Ings, Liverpool seemed to be all set to sign the young striker but that move has stalled and it could be their great rivals Manchester United stepping up to sign him but just where would Ings be perfectly suited for? The next decision could make or break his career.

Red but which one?

Moving to a new club is never easy as many transfers fail to kick off and then are sold for almost nothing. Liverpool and Manchester United are two of the biggest clubs in England, if not the world and choosing between them now is a tough decision to take. Had this been a decision to take a few years back, United would have been the destination because they were guaranteed to win something at the end of a season, now that has changed.

Liverpool might not have won anything under Brendan Rodgers but his team do play some slick football and the manager has shown that he can make decisions to change his side around and make his players better. United have Louis Van Gaal, who is respected by almost all but has not been able to show his magic for United, who are playing some rather poor football but getting the results.

Manchester United still has a lot of work to do to make them the finished product and seeing Ings move there does not really make sense, he needs a lot of creativity to help him thrive and that is just not there at United. Sure they do have some world class players there but that has not translated into smooth flowing football and that is a hindrance for any player who wants to score goals.

Ings needs to be at a club which will give him chances and that should be Liverpool, not only are Liverpool playing some good football but they also need a striker who can step up when they need it. Mario Balotelli has not been able to provide the spark that they need and he would be ideal for a club which loves to give youngsters the chance and is willing to take a chance or two.