Liverpool Opinion: What Can Happen Next In This Raheem Sterling Scenario?

Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling has linked up with his teammates as they travel to Asia for their pre-season tour but he still wants out from the club. The 20-year-old attacker is pining for a move to Manchester City who has been rebuffed by Fabian Delph of Aston Villa.

Raheem’s communication has completely broken down with Liverpool’s management, the club are adamant that they are not willing to sell the star and will ensure that the player will see out the remainder of his £35,000 a week contract which lasts for another 2 years. The English player was offered a £100,000 contract, but he rejected it last season, saying money was not the motivating factor in an ill-timed interview.

With Liverpool having a history of not selling players unless they want to, as seem in the Luis Suarez scenario, we look at just how this latest transfer drama could spell out.

Liverpool is home

The most unlikely of scenarios and the most likely as well, Liverpool could hold onto the player at the end of this transfer window as they might not enter negotiations for the winger with any club. The Merseyside club has the right to reject any transfers and Raheem could be forced to train with the reserves away from the first team until he gets the trust of Rodgers back or apologizes, fat chance of the latter happening but this could set a precedent and a warning to other players who take this drastic step of wanting to leave the club in this manner.

Manchester City sign him for £50 million

When someone is throwing a crazy amount of cash on a player, especially when the player does not want to represent your club, the best thing could be to sell him to as soon as possible. City are expected to come back with a better transfer than the reported £40 million earlier and this could be accepted by Liverpool. The club from Manchester have to match Liverpool’s valuation for the player and then only can the deal take place.

Tribunal time

This could be something that Liverpool and Sterling would want to avoid, the tribunal is set up for any player who runs out of his contract and joins a club after that. Danny Ings saw his contract out at Burnley before joining Liverpool and the tribunal decides what the transfer fee could be. Liverpool could be looking at that, two years down the line, saving millions from Sterling’s contract refusal and then still getting a good deal on a 22-year-old (Raheem would be 22 then) who hasn’t really done much except crib. The problem could be that by the time 2 years takes place, Raheem could become the best English player or just another Adam Johnson or David Bentley, either way the ball is and always has been in Liverpool’s court.


Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

Ditching a corporate job to follow a dream isn’t easy, but when football comes calling, who can say no? Been following the beautiful game since 1998. FIFA addict, F1 fanatic.
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