Liverpool FC: What Is Ahead Of Us??

The saying goes, “The phoenix rises from its ashes”

At Liverpool FC, it’s pretty much obvious from the last 5-6 years that the phoenix hasn’t risen yet. Everyone seem to be having a hard time in believing that this prophecy will come true anytime soon. The dormant success of Liverpool FC has reached got to its fans. The will, the belief, the hope of the fans was all that gave Liverpool Football Club, its status among Europe’s elite. That seems to be gone now. The fans have realised that this has to be more than just the phoenix rising, there is a need for resurrection of the club as a whole.

It brings us to today: FSG as owners are not the extravagant, oil rich, mega millionaires. They follow a business model, to take us to the where we once belonged. A safe, cautious approach is being injected into a football club in the name of development and fore thinking whereas the football world is redefining itself; every club on the face of earth wants to make it rich.

There are your Citys and the Chelseas, and so are the Arsenals and Dortmunds. The latter category are having their fair share of applauses for building themselves a platform, where they are no more dependent on the mega bucks train which is travelling all over Europe today. But it’s also true that but Arsenal haven’t won a thing in the last seven years, Dortmund have lost their best player from last season to their closest rivals. They have their flaws. Every model, every philosophy does. The key is to have a setup in place to move over these catastrophes, and yet improve as a club, show progress on and off the field. So where does it leave us?? How do we move forward?? How do we need to jump onto that f*cking perch that once belonged to Liverpool FC and hold onto it ??

To answer this, it is very important to address the definition of this progress we are striving for. There is a need to inculcate a pragmatic approach to achieve the goals defined. We may be nowhere close to challenging for the EPL right now, but it doesn’t mean that this Liverpool side cannot. ‘HOPE’ is an often underrated emotion. But every Kopite would have to agree to the fact they are clinging onto it, more so than ever. The jury is yet to be out on the new owners, the manager and the new philosophy being embraced by the club. This, to me is the best that could happen to Liverpool Football Club. The pressure of performing could always have its detrimental effects. LFC is free of it; the spotlight is off; we aren’t bound by the chains of success. We’re still an egg yet to be hatched; if last season was laying the egg, the coming season shall define if it’s just a chicken we are nurturing or a Phoenix we are resurrecting. YNWA!!!

Written by Guest Author Krishna Prasad

Written by Dinesh V

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