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Liverpool FC: Is Douglas The Man To Replace Carragher?


When Jamie Carragher retires at the end of the season, Liverpool will be served a big blow and they will have a big vacancy to fill in the defence. Although manager Brendan Rodgers has rightly remarked that Carragher is irreplaceable, the task of finding a replacement for Carragher mainly lies on him and very soon he will have to find someone who can fill in the big shoes of the Liverpool legend. FC Twente man Douglas, who has been linked to Liverpool, is on the priority and we take a look at why should he be trusted with the big job.

1)    Strong defender– Brazilian Douglas, who is also a citizen of Netherlands, is a defender with immense physical capability and Liverpool should be trying to make use of that. His physical acumen should work well for him in a league which is deemed to be the most demanding physically. This apart he is a brave player, not shying away from challenges which will make him a valuable purchase. His height and aerial ability is bound to provide the club an edge in set pieces in which they often falter. Lastly his knack of passing the ball to the midfield and initiating an attack from deep makes him a very quality purchase for Liverpool.

2)    Comes cheap– Liverpool, who have a very limited budget and require a lot of players with it, would hugely benefit from the fact that his contract expires with Tewnte this year and he could come in free. Newcastle last summer reportedly offered £ 4m for him but got their offer rejected. So Liverpool who have something around £ 25m in their transfer kitty, should definitely not waste this opportunity and take him in their side.

3)    Experience and youth– Douglas who is 25 years of age has played over 145 league matches for Twente and has played in more than 40 matches in European competitions. His experience could prove to be a vital asset for Liverpool who have a relatively young side. His age of 25 also leaves scope for further improvement and though initially he may need a bit of time to settle down, in a couple of season he can really be a replacement of Carragher.

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