Liverpool Blog: 5 Mistakes Of Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard has had a career which only a few can dream off, not only has he played for one of the biggest clubs in the World, Liverpool, he has captained the side, his boyhood club. He has even captained England and has led them in the World Cup, a Champions League winner, FA Cup winner, UEFA Cup winner and League Cups a plenty, there still are a few things that have not worked out for the Liverpool legend and we look at 5 mistakes which will haunt Steven Gerrard forever.


Not signing for Chelsea in 05

This might sting a little for Liverpool fans but Gerrard has shown loyalty all this time and even when they had won the Champions League in 2005, there was talk of Gerrard joining Chelsea. A deal seemed to be done but that Istanbul Miracle changed Gerrard’s mind and he stayed with Liverpool. Had he signed with Chelsea that year, he could have been a multiple Premier League winner, something that he will never achieve as a player, probably.

The back passes

Gerrard might be one of the greatest midfielders the game has provided but he does have a list of back passes which have led to goals for the opposition. He not only did it against Arsenal letting Thierry Henry on goal, he did it against Chelsea as well letting Drogba score so that the Blues could win the Premier League title.

Failure to do well in the national team

Gerrard might have played for the Golden generation of English football but that never translated into great performances for country. England never really did well in any major tournament and that was taken to a new level in the 2014 World Cup where Gerrard led the team. They were paired in a tough group with Uruguay and Italy and they crashed out of the first round in the tournament, a month later Gerrard retired from international football, having won nothing for a team which at one time consisted of the Neville brothers, Beckham, Scholes, Shearer, Rooney, Lampard and Hargreaves.

The red card in his last game against Manchester United

You are playing the last season for your favourite club and you play the team that is sitting in 4th position, something that the club needs to achieve. Not only that, this team is your greatest rival and you have been brought on to help your team get level after being a goal down. What do you do? You certainly don’t stamp on the opposition and get sent off within the first minute of the second half but that is what Gerrard did and he left his side not only with a mountain to climb but he also now misses 3 crucial games for the club.

The Slip

This would sadly be the one defining mistake of Gerrard’s life, all Liverpool needed to do was avoid defeat against Chelsea at home and they could have won the league, Gerrard could finally win the league! A couple of weeks back he told his team mates after beating City that “This does not @%$^# Slip!”.

Well we all know what happened next, he slipped, let Demba Ba score and Liverpool capitulated like a house of cards. This will forever tarnish Gerrard’s legacy at Liverpool but still, he is one of the greatest to ever grace the game.

Written by Dinesh V

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