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Liverpool Are Finally A Family, Find Out The Reason

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Alberto Moreno has a lot to say about Jurgen Klopp as a replacement for Brenden Rogers. In an interview for Marca the 23 year old Left back player stated about the German manager’s role in Liverpool.

While most of the interview was about the Capital One Cup, Moreno did have praises for the German manager and along with it he believes in the manager’s plans for the club.

According to Moreno the German manager’s presence in the club has boosted the confidence of the players in the club and has made them look forward to more matches with a positive lookout.

The 23 year Old did state that Klopp can be a very good friend off the pitch and during the training he is a disciplined taskmaster for the squad who likes things to occur according to his plans.

Out of the pitch he’s a happy and close person, you always see him smiling. In work time he is serious and disciplined. He likes everything to go fine.”

The player has also commented on the Europa League’s draw, which put Liverpool face-to-face with rivals Manchester United in the round-of-16: “I like it. I love these matches full of intensity and pressure, but I only think of winning and making further progress in the Europa League.”

The excerpts from the interview, reveals how much the Reds revere the German manager and look up to him for their squad.