Liverpool Analysis: It’s Time That The Club Takes A Firm Stand On The Suarez issue

We all know that in today’s world the media plays a very vital role and often acts as a game-changer. But if one has the desire to know of exactly how powerful the media is, he should ask Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez to leave Anfield?
Luis Suarez to leave Anfield?

When Suarez announced his desire to leave the club, he conveniently blamed the media for his decision and stated that the constant paparazzi pressure has made him to take such a stern decision.

We are not here to judge whether the reason given by the Uruguayan is logical enough or has he dug his own grave, but rather we chose to take a look at whether this move will hamper the club’s progress in the future or should Liverpool gladly release him after receiving a fat check in return?

If someone says that it would be better for the club to release the forward and his absence would have no effect on the club, that person would be telling a blatant lie. It is beyond doubt that Luis Suarez is one of the most premier strikers now in the world and replacing him would prove to be a monumental challenge for the manager.

But then again a club of Liverpool’s stature must look beyond the on-field performance of a player while taking such a decision. While Suarez has been quite the sole star of the club in the past season, his behaviour has been a disgrace for both the club and the fans.

Till now he has received ban for a total of 19 matches in the Premier League, a record to be envied upon by even the most ill mannered footballers. First he received a ban of eight matches for making racist remarks toward Patrice Evra, then a one match ban for displaying abusive gestures to Fulham supporters and then came the cherry on top. His cannibalistic behaviour during Chelsea’s visit to Anfield, where he bit Ivanovic on his arm, earned him a suspension of ten matches.

His behaviour has dragged the club into needless controversy, something which has damaged the PR of the club enough. Therefore this must be time that the club takes a firm stand on the Suarez issue, welcome bids from other top clubs in the world, persuade the club to pay £50m for him and then devote entire energy to find a replacement with such huge money in the bag.

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