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Live football results of matches of the title contenders

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Today, it is much easier for the fans of learning the live football results of confrontations from around the world to find interesting events. It is enough to open the website of sports statistics, where such information is presented in full.

The opening rounds of the Bundesliga made it clear that this time an intense struggle for the title is expected in Germany again. The previous season, Bayern won the Silver Bowl, but did so with great difficulty. The team of Nico Kovac lagged behind Borussia almost throughout the entire tournament and only at the finish line they managed to climb to the first position, which they then did not give away to the competitor.

This time, judging by the live football results of the starting rounds, RB Leipzig intends to break into the champion race. However, it is still unclear whether Nagelsmann players have enough forces for a long tournament distance.

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Bundesliga: who will win the main trophy?

Despite local problems and the progress of the rivals, Bayern have good chances to once again win the league title. The players of Nico Kovac started the season confidently and have been becoming stronger with every match. This once again proves that the team is playing with a margin of safety and can turn the tide of events, even if the situation is not in its favor. For Bayern, Bundesliga is very important, so there is no doubt that the Munich team will do its best to win the gold medals of the national championship again.

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The strong points of the team Niko Kovac include:

  1. Cool selection of football players in each of the lines. Even though a whole bunch of players left Bayern this summer, it’s hard to say that the club became weaker. Competent signings and loans make Munich competitive not only within Germany but also in the European arena.
  2. Good teamwork of the players. They play for a long time, so they know well the strengths of their partners on the field. This helps to minimize the number of mistakes.
  3. Individual skills of the leaders.

The transfers of players such as Pavard, Hernandez, Coutinho, once again proved that the team of Nico Kovac has the best selection of players in the Bundesliga.

Yes, the season will be very difficult for them, because the rivals are hungry for victories, but experienced Bayern players have already shown that during the championship they can easily ensure even a big handicap due to their skill and great experience. This is what makes this club the main favorite of the German championship for the current season.