Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo In The Same Team? Three Things That Could Have Happened

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two best footballers in the world currently. They play for two of the biggest rivals in world football, Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively, something that sprouts their rivalry. However, they tend to thrive on the rivalry as they look to outperform the other.

In a world, where we are used to seeing the two dominate a sport and that too so lavishly, we are only left to wonder how things would have been if the two were not rivals but teammates. Here, we try to comprehend three scenarios that might have occurred if the two turned out in the same colours.

#3 No hatred between the fans of Lionel Messi and the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo

ronaldo messi

It is the rivalry and hatred between the fans of Messi and Ronaldo that prevails over the actual rivalry between the two players. The two sets of fans are always arguing, producing indomitable proof that their hero is the better footballer. Now, one might wonder if this hatred would have existed if the two players played together for the same team?

It is difficult to imagine a world where there is no battle between the two sets of fans trying to establish their claims of superiority. But what is inevitable is that every single football lover, be it a Messi fan or a Ronaldo fan, would walk in side by side, hoping that both would set the field on fire and win the match. Because more than anything, it is winning that counts the most.

Written by Sagnik Kundu

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