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Lampard Lelt Bemused As Jose Mourinho Walks Out On Him

Well, you saw this coming, din’t you? The “Special One” storms out of the press conference ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League clash against Steaua Bucharest when a journalist asked him to state the reasons for leaving midfielder Kevin De Bruyne out of his UCL squad.

Although it looked like he was talking normally at the start, frustrated at a point, Jose Mourinho decided to storm out in the middle which left Frank Lampard who was sitting besides him in a bemused state.

But to look at it from Mourinho’s point of view, it is difficult for the manager to keep everyone happy at the same time when he has 11 midfielders to choose from and it should be understood that someone is bound to be left out.

“This is fantastic because nobody asks me about Mata,” Mourinho said. “You are for three weeks speaking about Mata, and now you are speaking about Kevin de Bruyne. So you are not interested in the players that are playing? You are interested in the players that are not playing.

“He was not selected. It was my decision. Only 11 can play and 18 can be selected. I try to decide by what they do on the pitch when they play and what they do in training.

“I try to be honest with Juan and say that he’s going to play tomorrow, because of what he did in training and because of what he did in the matches he played. With Kevin it’s the same. He’s not selected because I didn’t like the match he played against Swindon and I didn’t like the way he was training. But you have this tendency to only ask about the guys that are not selected. See you tomorrow.”, concluded the manager.


Mourinho has left Eden Hazard back in London due to his injury along with Kevin De Bruyne and has opted to take Torres, Schurrle, Ba and Willian.