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Kieran Gibbs, “Podolski Is The Biggest Joker By Far”

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Podolski explaining German football to wenger ?

Arsenal star Kieran Gibbs has described team mate Lukas Podolski as the “biggest joker” of the dressing room. Arsenal, who have been playing some of the their best football this season, look to be a closely knit group.

Quoted by the Mirror, Gibbs talked about Arsenal’s chances of winning the title before their crucial clash against Liverpool on Saturday. The defender when asked about their dressing room situation, said:

“Everyone gets on well and there is constant banter. The Germans – all they do is moan about the food.

“And they want German-this or schnitzel-that. Lukas Podolski is always at the centre of some craic that is going on. He is the biggest joker by far.

“It’s a really strong group.”

Arsenal have a tough couple of months ahead of them with back to back heavy weight clashes to follow, the Gunners’ title claim could be decided in the matter of weeks.

“Only time will tell what pays off,” 

“A lot of the players have been used to playing with each other now over the past two or three seasons.

“Especially last season when nobody left and we only had additions. That is going to have a positive impact on the team. That is vital as well.

Arsenal face daunting clashes against Manchester United and Bayern Munich after Liverpool, and Gibbs believes beating Brendan Rodgers’ side on their own turf would send out a statement to their rivals.

He said: “I think it would make a big statement if we won there – just like it did when we played Liverpool at home.

“Before that game, we had not played any big games and although we were sitting at the top of the league, people were saying, ‘There’s a big game coming now, that will put it into perspective.’

“It will be like that again because we have got a lot of big games coming up, so it will be another test. As the weeks go on, we are just going to be put under a bigger and bigger test.

“It is not often you get to play Manchester United, Liverpool and Bayern Munich, twice, in less than two weeks. So it will be great to be a part of it – playing against the best teams in the world.

“Everyone enjoys the big games and this is just another big game to show what we can go and do.”

He added: “There are 14 games left and when you get to this stage it is about being consistent and whoever can perform the best will obviously win the trophy.”

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