Kevin Prince Boateng kicks The Ball At Racist Fans And Leaves The Pitch In A Friendly Match

AC Milan played a friendly match against Italy’s fourth division side Pro Patria yesterday as a part of their preparation for the second half of the season. The match went along without any trouble until some of the fans decide to racially abuse the Milan players. Kevin Prince Boateng and a few of his black teammates were targeted by racial abuse.

After a while when Boateng was on the ball in front of the racist fans and had clearly had enough. He picked the ball up, kicked it towards the fans and stormed off the pitch. The referee and Milan players tried to stop Boateng but he left and the match was abandoned.

Following the incident, Pro Patria’s owner said:

“Those people singing racist chants vs Boateng aren’t part of our ultras. It’s up to authorities to tackle these episodes.”

Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri:

“We are disappointed and saddened by what has happened.

“Milan play for the right to respect all players. We need to stop these uncivilised gestures.

“We are sorry for all the other fans who came here for a beautiful day of sport. We promise to return, and we are sorry for the club and players of Pro Patria, but we could not make

Watch the video here:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]dBmHQ7wElhw[/youtube]

This is sad but also  brilliant in the same motion. We need an established successful player like Boateng to make a stand like. This will explode in the media and draw more attention to retarded disgraceful racists. Well Done Boateng, you a champ!

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