Juventus Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents

Juventus are one of the oldest clubs in the World. Here we bring you all the latest player wages and weekly salaries from Juventus.

The Old Lady are one of the veteran clubs in the World and are in the top 10 most valuable teams. They are one of the highest paying football teams in Serie A, and many of its players are on lucrative contracts in Serie A. Here we tell you about the players’ wages, weekly salaries and contract details of Juventus.

Current Juventus Players Wages and Contracts 2022

Juventus are the most successful club in Italian Football. It has won 36 official league titles, 14 Coppa Italia titles and nine Supercoppa Italiana titles. They are also a two time UEFA Champions League winner and a joint national record holder of three UEFA Cups, two UEFA Super Cups. They have one of the largest fan bases worldwide.

Juventus Player Wages 2022
Juventus Player Wages 2022 (Peakpx)

The club was founded as Sport-Club Juventus in late 1897 by pupils from the Massimo d’Azeglio Lyceum school in Turin, among them the brothers Eugenio and Enrico Campari. Still, it was renamed as Foot-Ball Club Juventus two years later.

They joined the Italian Football Championships in 1900 and played their first match on March 11 1900. As of October 29 2021, Juventus’ shares are distributed between 63.8% to the Agnelli family through EXOR N.V., 11.9% to Lindsell Train Investment Trust Ltd. and 24.3% to other shareholders. It is the ninth highest-earning football club globally, with an estimated revenue of €433.5 million.

Juventus’ highest-paid player 

Paulo Dybala is the highest-paid player for Juventus, with a yearly salary of £ 11,544,000 and a weekly wage of £222,000. The Argentine is one of the best strikers at the current time.  

Paulo Dybala is the highest-paid player for Juventus

Dybala was signed by Juventus on June 4, 2015, on a five year deal for a fee of €32 million (plus €8 million in add-ons). He scored his first league goal for the club against Roma. He is currently ranked as Juventus’ eleventh-highest all-time goalscorer. 

Juventus Player Wages 2022 and contracts- Complete list

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Paulo DybalaAM RC, F C272022£ 1,15,44,000£ 2,22,000Relatives
Matthijs de LigtDC212024£ 1,04,00,000£ 2,00,000Mino Raiola
Wojciech SzczęsnyGK312024£ 1,02,96,000£ 1,98,000ICM Stellar Sports
Leonardo BonucciDC342024£ 1,02,96,000£ 1,98,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Alex SandroD/WB/M L302023£ 95,16,000£ 1,83,000
Adrien RabiotDM, M LC262023£ 91,00,000£ 1,75,000Relatives
Aaron RamseyAM RC302023£ 91,00,000£ 1,75,000Avid Sports Group
Juan CuadradoD/WB/AM R332023£ 79,04,000£ 1,52,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Dušan VlahovićST212026£ 78,00,000£ 1,50,000INTERNATIONAL SPORTS OFFICE
Álvaro MorataST282022£ 65,00,000£ 1,25,000Niagara Sports Company
ArthurDM242025£ 65,00,000£ 1,25,000P&P Sport Management S.A.M.
Federico BernardeschiWB/AM RL272022£ 63,44,000£ 1,22,000LIAN Sports Group
Daniele RuganiD C262024£ 55,12,000£ 1,06,000Davide Torchia
DaniloD RLC292024£ 52,00,000£ 1,00,000B2F
Giorgio ChielliniD C362023£ 47,84,000£ 92,000Reset Group Srl
Mattia De SciglioD/WB RL282022£ 46,80,000£ 90,000Branchini Associati S.p.A.
Manuel LocatelliDM232023£ 46,80,000£ 90,000Castelnovo
Dejan KulusevskiAM RC212024£ 40,56,000£ 78,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Mattia PerinGK282025£ 35,88,000£ 69,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Federico ChiesaAM RL232022£ 28,08,000£ 54,000LIAN Sports Group
Moise KeanAM RL, ST212023£ 25,48,000£ 49,000Mino Raiola
Weston McKennieDM, AM RC222025£ 19,24,000£ 37,000Wasserman
Kaio JorgeST202026£ 15,60,000£ 30,000Bertolucci Sports
Luca PellegriniD/WB/M L222025£ 15,60,000£ 30,000Mino Raiola
Carlo PinsoglioGK312023£ 4,88,800£ 9,400Starbridge Srl
Albian HajdariD C182022£ 78,000£ 1,500ESHA
Elias SolbergAM RC172024£ 47,840£ 920Emefie Aneke Atta

Juventus loaned out players’ wages and contracts in 2022

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Aaron RamseyAM RC302023£ 91,00,000£ 1,75,000Avid Sports Group
Dejan KulusevskiAM RC212024£ 40,56,000£ 78,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Albian HajdariDC182022£ 78,000£ 1,500ESHA
Dejan KulusevskiRight Winger222024Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Merih DemiralCentre-Back242024Cenk Melih Yazıcı
Rolando MandragoraDefensive Midfield242,025LUCA DE SIMONE
Nicolò RovellaDefensive Midfield202024Gr Sports
Mohamed IhattarenAttacking Midfield202025HCM Sports Management
Federico GattiCentre-Back232026
Nicolò FagioliCentral Midfield212023PDP s.r.l. Pasqualin D’Amico Partners
Marko PjacaLeft Winger262023£ 23,40,000£ 45,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Radu DragusinCentre-Back202,025Oscar Bentancourt
Gianluca FrabottaLeft-Back222025Vigo Global Sport Services Srl
Stefano GoriGoalkeeper262024TMP SOCCER Srl

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about   Juventus 

Below are some of the common questions fans have regarding some of Juventus’ main players.

  1. Who is the highest-paid player at Juventus?

As of 2022, Paulo Dybala is the highest-paid player at Juventus with a weekly wage of £222,000.

2. What is the total team value of Juventus?

The total team value of Juventus is around €433.5 million

3. How much do Juventus spend on total annual wages?

Juventus are spending close to £145 million every single season on player wages.

4. Who is the all-time top scorer for Juventus in their history?

Alessandro Del Piero is the all-time top goalscorer with 290 goals.

Alessandro Del Piero - Player profile | Transfermarkt
Alessandro Del Piero is the all-time top goalscorer for Juventus (Transfermarkt)

5. How much does Massimiliano Allegri earn in a year?

Massimiliano Allegri has a €9 million a year contract at Juventus.

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