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Juventus manager Conte referred over betting scandal

Juventus manager Antonio Conte referred over betting scandal. Along with the club’s Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci, Conte have been ordered to appear before a sporting tribunal over their alleged involvement in a widening Italian soccer betting scandal.

Juventus manager Conte referred over betting scandal

 In total, 13 clubs and 45 players and training staff have been referred to the Italian football federation’s disciplinary commission over the match-fixing allegations, the Italian Football Federation said.

Conte, who led Juventus to an unbeaten season winning their 28th Serie A title last season, is accused of failing to report match fixing in two games in the 2010-11 season when he was coach of the Serie B side Siena.

If the tribunal finds against him, he could face a suspension of several months, Italian media said.

The matches concerned were between Novara and Siena in May 2011, which ended 2-2, and between Albinoleffe and Siena in the same month which ended in a 1-0 defeat for Siena.

The “Calcioscommesse” scandal echoes earlier match-fixing scandals which tarnished the image of Italian soccer in the 1980s and before the 2006 World Cup.

Prosecutors believe an international gambling ring paid players to throw matches deliberately. Dozens of current and former players in teams ranging from the Serie A top division down to the lower leagues may have been involved.

Conte’s hearing will begin on Aug 1 and is expected to last two days. Bonucci’s hearing begins on Aug 3.