Juventus FC – The Dark Knights Have Risen

Antonio Conte has gotten all of his wishes come through in this transfer market. Are his Dark Knights ready to re-conquer Italy and put forward a challenge in Europe?

What a season it was for Juventus in 2012-2013. They claimed their second successive Scudetto in a row. They battled mightily in the UEFA Champions league and they did their best against a resurgent Lazio team in the Semi-Finals of the Coppa Italia. They succeeded in taking their revenge on Lazio in the Supercoppa Italiana when they beat them 4-0 just a week ago. Let’s face the facts, last season Juventus surpassed our expectations. Juventus is only getting stronger season by season. It’s only matter of time before they begin to dominate European football on a larger scale.

“In the last two years, Juventus have managed to return to what they represent: a winning team. We’ve regained the image that the club has always held both in Italy and on a worldwide scale.”- Antonio Conte

Many critics believed that Juventus were more than capable of regaining the Scudetto last term. However, not many people thought that it would be so easy for them to do so. With the exception of the first round of the Serie A of the 2012-2013 seasons, Juventus claimed first place in every round. That’s 37 rounds that they were the top team in the league.  In the previous season Milan were tied neck to neck with Juventus and made it difficult for Juventus to breathe.

“Reclaiming our title was very difficult and doing it for a third year would represent a historic achievement, a feat Juventus managed between 1930 and 1935.”- Antonio Conte

If you compare Juve’s perspective records of 2011-2012 to 2012-2013 seasons, it’s clear that Juventus scored a total of 71 goals this past season and 68 the season before. While they conceded 24 goals compared to 20 goals of 2011-2012. This clearly points out that Juventus haven’t lost their spark in front of goal, if anything they have proven to be much more consistent. It seems that as the competition has gotten tougher in the Serie A and Juventus have become even more resilient along the way.

“As far as I’m concerned, improving the quality of our strikeforce with Tévez and Llorente for just nine million euros represents an extraordinary achievement.”  Antonio Conte


Indeed Juventus have made three major signings this summer which was Ogbonna, Llorente, and Tevez. These three players are working very hard to be part of Juventus’s winning mentality. As shown in the two previous games against Lazio and Sampdoria this season. Carlos Tevez has hunger and determination to play for the Old Lady. Tevez’s two goals have shown a sign that the Argentine has potential to become Juve’s lethal striker. According to the grand tactician Conte, “I’m not happy with a striker who’s static and gets on the score sheet but doesn’t get involved in building moves or defending. Tevez has scored twice already but he’s also made a huge contribution to the team – that’s something all my players have always done.” Conte has no room in his team for players who are un-willing to work-hard and not listen to his preferred tactics.

“Conte, in certain ways, reminds me of Ferguson. Especially in his desire to leave no stone unturned.” The difference between them? Conte makes you run laps in your sleep.” –Carlos Tevez


With Marchiso out for at least another month, Conte stated his opinion of what Marchiso means to the team, “The side will miss him, and so will I. He’s an important player who together with everyone else in the squad has made me a winning coach.” Last season Juventus fans saw the birth of a young talented midfielder, Paul Pogba. With Marchiso’s injury which would surely mean Juventus have once again turned their attention to Pogba. Pogba is very versatile player and he can play in many different positions. Conte sees Pogba’s progress and has praised him, “He wants to be the best in the world and it’s good to hear him talk like that because he’s got everything he needs to become the perfect modern footballer.”

“Conte has always shouted at me! I need a Coach who shouts and always demands more, as it brings the best out of me.”- Buffon

Without a glitter of a doubt if Conte never became the Juventus manager in 2011, then Juve could have failed again. He’s presence in the touchline have allowed Juve to become successful. Conte is Juve’s hero; he has transmitted his winning mentality to the players. He praises his stars in the right manner and in the right time. He can be a critic of his team when it’s necessary and most of all he will take the blame for when his team performs poorly. He’s level of humility and professionalism is beyond typical words. Conte was Juve’s captain, Conte is Juve’s hero, and Conte is whatever Juventus needs him to be. Under his watch Juve are safely in command of recapturing the third consecutive Scudetto and they have a shot at the Europe’s most premier trophy, the Champions League.

Hail Conte, Forze Juve!

Written by Dinesh V

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