Juventus FC: Believe In Conte Now Or Its Back To Ground Zero Tomorrow!

Conte (Some coaches want to win; some coaches’ just hate losing!)

Antonio Conte has achieved the impossible by taking Juventus to a back to back Scudetto. He has done it with a completely new style that has pleased every Juventi fan and player. He has allowed Juventus to master the art of defending with three men. It’s completely true to state that they’re the only team in Italy that can play a three man defense and actually win matches. A solid argument could be made that Conte has built an army that has one of the best defenses in European football.

The most impressive thing about all of this is that he has done it his own way. He brought back meaning in to this team by allowing the Italians to shine in his squad and Asamoah, Lichtsteiner, and Vucinic are the only non-Italian regular players and even they have played in previous Italian clubs such as Udinese, Lazio, and Roma. Conte has brought a real fighting spirit, a “never say die” attitude into this Juventus team and apart from being a master tactician; he is also a poet when it comes to speaking. If it wasn’t for Mr. Conte Juve would still be in the gutters trying to get out of it. Yes, that’s right, Conte is the model for what Juventus should be.

He can easily be compared to the grand master, Jose Mourinho. A perfect example of how success will always bring controversy. Both Mourinho and Conte have wrongfully been accused of cheating. They both are great managers and deserve their luck and fame. It’s clear to see Conte’s humbleness, because when he was accused of match fixing, he cried during interviews to show his emotion and love for the Juventino cause. It’s like he was in love with Juventus and it broke his heart to be away from her. What makes Conte and Mourinho such great managers is that they both have a heart and are both are greatly admired by their players.

“I say with sincerity and honesty, everything I got I earned with the sweat and commitment. I have never enjoyed special favors; I learned the full meaning of the word sacrifice. I think the fans appreciate my ways both on and off the field, with me they have always been really fantastic. In the hardest times they kept me close, showing warmth and friendliness.” Antonio Conte, 2003.

Conte just like Mourinho has proven that he could get the best out of his players. He changes his tactics and he is not afraid to fail. It’s no secret that Juventus is the most successful and popular club in Italy. However, it’s no secret that Conte wants to become the first manager since the days of Don Lippi to lift the UEFA Champions League. Even if Juventus hire another manager, that manager will never feel accomplished because Conte built this team from the ground to the top.

Conte might have showed some desire to leave the Bianconeri project behind and start fresh. However, just like any relationship, termination is not always the answer. Sometimes, it’s needed to regroup and understand what’s necessary by looking at things from a different view. At the moment, Conte is furious at the Juventus directors for not allowing him to invest in a squad that will be capable of winning the Champions League. Conte is an achiever and achievers don’t wait and sit around for things to happen, they make it happen!

Juventus and Conte

 (The Mastermind, the Leader and the Commander.)

Conte is an honest man and he has stated that Juventus needs more than just big names in attack to win Champions League, as stated “Luis Suarez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gonzalo Higuain, wouldn’t be enough to win the Champions League” (ESPN FC). He believes that they need big names in every position. This quotation is the true sign of Conte’s character. Even though, all the fans and players are celebrating Juventus’s title winning season and are praising Conte’s work, the man himself is not satisfied and he wants more. A sign of an ambitious and successful man is the fact that he always wants to improve and work-hard to gain his goals. No matter if the team wins or loses, Conte’s words always have a very deep significance on this team. He means what he says; he does what he says his going to do. He is a true definition of a real man; unfortunately there are not many managers left like him any-more.

The most essential part of this project is this upcoming season. The big question is can Juventus join the top European sides and compete against the best. They have to show their hunger by listening to Conte. Conte can leave the Juventus ship and join the Chelsea ship but instead he is giving the Juventus board a choice…The board must be smart and take his outstanding offer to better this team.

And the real question is….

Andrea Agnelli, can you deliver what your commander yearns for?

Written by Dinesh V

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