JUST IN! Liverpool To Make A Sensation Bid To Steal This Arsenal Target

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Since Edinson Cavani has been left open in the market for the clubs to bid upon, Alvaro Morata’s future has been put into some serious doubts.

Juventus has been interested in bringing Edinson Cavani into their club, but the club needs to sell a player first so as to arrange for funds to buy the PSG player. This has put Morata’s future into uncertainty.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Morata is attracting interests from the clubs like that of Arsenal and Tottenham and the player is suitable for both the clubs.

Reports suggest that Liverpool have contacted Juventus and have offered to buy the player at €60m. while Liverpool want Morata immediately, Juventus has put up a stay back sign for the club with regards to the current transfer.


While it cannot be ignored that Morata has been linked with all the big clubs in the Premier league by the Italian and Spanish media, the Italian media is trying to influence the Morata’s decision by suggesting a move back to Italy.


Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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