Jose Mourinho To Join Chelsea According His Friends

Here is yet another rumour about Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho and the possibility of him joining Chelsea this summer. Well, everyone hates these kind of stories and I personally don believe in them. A friend of Mourinho can pretty much be anyone, you could call a ball boy and say he is friend of Mourinho, make him tell that he’s coming back to Chelsea and then make a story out of it.

Jose Mourinho under pressure at Madrid

None the less, here is a story reported in Daily Star, about a ‘friend of Mourinho’ insisting Chelsea is his next destination.

 “I was eating in a restaurant that Jose uses regularly, as he is a close friend of the owner.
“He told a group of us that Jose, having sold his place in Eaton Square, is now looking at houses in Cobham, near the Chelsea training ground.
“He even said that they have organised schools for their children. Whether this is just fancy talk, I don’t know.
“But Jose and his return to England has been the talk of the industry.”

Now, apparently the thing with José’s children might be true, his daughter is going to study in London next year and actual friends with actual names have openly said that there was no chance what-so-ever that José would let her go to London alone. So yeah, who knows.
Apart from that – make of this interview what you will. Pinch of salt.


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