Jordon Ibe: Future Set Or London (Arsenal And Chelsea) Calling?

Liverpool are having problems with one of their attacking players, a young player who refuses to sign a contract and a couple of London clubs are interested in signing him, sounds like another article on Raheem Sterling, right? Wrong. This time it is the situation version 2.0 as the next Raheem Sterling, , seems to be having a few issues with his new Liverpool contract and Chelsea and Arsenal are waiting in the wings to scoop up the 19-year-old.

jordon ibe
jordon ibe

Ibe has had a breakout season for Liverpool this year after spending half of the season on loan at Derby where he excelled, the youngster can play as a wing back, right back, winger and a striker, his versatility is incredible for someone so young and he has the pace and the strength to take on the best in the Premier League, no wonder people want to keep an eye on his situation at Liverpool but just what should he do now?

Home is where the growth is

This feels like a Sterling situation all over again and when the contract talks stalled he spoke about how he has left to all the contract obligations and negotiations to his family, this just shows that Ibe is grounded for the moment. It was Liverpool that helped him grow into the player he is at the moment and he should repay that faith by staying at Liverpool for the considerable future.

Arsenal and Chelsea might seem to be impressive offers and clubs, but there is no guarantee of a youngster like Ibe to play consistent football for them, in all probability he would either stay on the bench or be loaned back out to a Championship club or a mid-table club, he wouldn’t be learning as much as he would be if he was playing regularly for the first team like he does for Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers knows Ibe extremely well, it was Rodgers who took the decision to recall the youngster from Derby, he knew that Ibe was ready to face the big time in the Premier League and who could be better at developing young talent like he has already done at Liverpool. Sterling, Henderson, Coutinho prove that Rodgers does have a knack of working well with young players and then helping them unlock their potential, he has seen that Ibe does have something special in him and Ibe should not turn his back on Liverpool after giving him an opportunity to impress.

He should sign with the club and stay at least for a couple of years to see how things pan out, if things do not go the way everyone expects then he should leave because everyone wants a better opportunity but for now, home is where Liverpool is.


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