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Jamie Carragher Blasts Arsenal Again, “They Are Not Favourites to Finish fourth”

Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher yet again criticized Arsenal for their string of poor performances in recent weeks. He claimed that Arsenal are no more the favourites to claim their usual 4th place finish.

He said,

“We knew the Everton game was always going to be a tough game. You can easily lose there – anyone can – because it’s a tough place to go.”

“It’s the way they lost that’s worrying. You watch that Arsenal team now and when I think of an Arsene Wenger team I think of power and pace.

“Watching this team I look at it and think it’s weak and slow. That would be worrying. No matter who you play, if you haven’t got that pace and strength in your team mentally and physically, even if the fixtures are kind it’s going to be difficult for them.

“That’s probably one of the slowest Arsenal teams I’ve seen under Arsene Wenger and that’s a massive worry for them.

“With the energy Everton showed in that game I think you would probably have to say they were favourites – but I will change my mind next week!”

Gary Neville, who shares a place in the same punditry panel, supported Carragher’s opinion.

He said,

“They’ve never disappointed us in seasons gone by in seeing the job out and recovering. They have shown spirit.

“You just wonder whether this could be one season too far and whether Everton have got such a momentum with them.

“My gut instinct still tells me Arsenal will hang on in there because of their fixtures against Everton’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was finally the year that Arsenal didn’t get into the Champions League space.

“At the moment, the signs are there and it’s worrying.”