James Richardson Spensley – Father Of Italian Football

James Richardson Spensley, a name not known to many is a legendary footballer who along with William Garbutt was the sole reason for football in Italy. If the history books of Italian football are dug deep, one can find out that Genoa is the oldest club in Italy. So what is the link between Genoa, Italian football and James Richardson Spensley ??

An English born Italian football soul – James Richardson Spensley

It is a remarkable story of a man who was born in England and a doctor by profession turned out to be a footballer and a manager for an Italian side. Spensley traveled to Italy for his duties as a doctor to treat English sailors from coal ships. He joined Genoa’s cricket & athletics club after staying in Italy for three months and personally opened the club’s footballing section in April 1897. A career which extended for a decade, Spensley only made 22 appearances and did not get into the scoring sheet. So what has made this doctor from England to be called as the father of Italian football ?

Spensley organized the first ever football match between Genoa and F.B.C. Torinese (which is extinct now). Spensley was also the manager of the club and played as a defender. About 154 fans attended the game that evening, which is still remembered till date among the Genoa fans. There is also a street in the Marassi area of Genoa near the Stadio Luigi Ferraris that is named after him while there is a plaque on the wall of the house where he lived.

That plaque reads: “Here lived the English doctor James R Spensley, sportsman – great friend of Italy – a football pioneer with the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, founder of Genoese scouting.

The Legendary team that played along with James Richardson Spensley


After the first season he switched from a defender to goal keeper and played until 1906 before finally retiring at the age of 40. Spensley’s love for the game made him manage the club for one more year and he also became a referee and proved to be a key figure in the introduction of early football associations. Though the clubs from Turnin and Milan are known as the Italian powerhouses of the modern era, it was Genoa which dominated the Italian football during its embryonic stages. The structure of the competition in those days were similar to those of the Champions league where clubs from the local region form groups and compete against each other. The winning team will advance to the knock out stages. Genoa established an early spell of dominance winning 6 out of the 7  Italian Football Championships, and none of it would’ve been possible without James Richardson Spensley. 

Not only he paved the way for Genoa’s progression as a footballing club, Spensley made sure that football as a game is developed among the Italian youngsters by forcing them to join the club’s academy.

Genoa fans paying tribute to Spensley

Italian football does not forget their hero’s and name of  Richardson Spensley remains forever in the hearts of Calcio connoisseurs and more particularly Genoa fans. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere in an Italian bar just before the start of a football game. With all the bragging, banter and bickering especially when it is derby day against  Sampdoria, the fans just have one man to thank for, an English doctor who died over a century ago – James Richardson Spensley.

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