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Jack Wilshere’s Reply To “What Do You Think They’re Smoking Over There At Emirates?”

Not long back, Liverpool owner John W Henry mocked Arsenal for their ridiculous £40,000,001 bid for Luis Suarez in the Summer transfer window. John hit back at the Gunners with a cheeky post in his twitter account.

He tweeted,

What do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates?

Now it looks like, a reply finally arrived from North London to answer his query. Yes, we are referring to the Jack Wilshere smoking incident. Wilshere who was tipped by the fans as a future Arsenal captain was pictured with a cigarette after Arsenal’s triumph against Napoli in the champions league (Tuesday) .

Jack Wilshere: Arsenal till i die
Jack Wilshere spotted smoking

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has criticized Jack Wilshere for this unprofessional and unethical behavior.

Wenger said,

“Well, I disagree completely with that behavior,”

“I need to have a chat with him about that. (What I say) I will leave between him and me.”

“When you’re a football player you’re an example, and you don’t do what damages your health.”

“You can damage your health at home – you can smoke or drink at home – and nobody sees it, but when you’re out socially, you damage your reputation as well.”

With Ramsey’s breath taking current form and with the return of Arteta and Rosicky from their respective injury, Jack should be fully focused on his game, otherwise it will be very difficult for him to earn a place in the starting 11. But Wenger still believes that Jack will bounce back soon from all these distractions.

Wenger added,

“Wilshere is a very important player here, my future plans have always been built around Jack,”