Jack Wilshere Injury Update

Arsenal fans fear another Jack Wilshere injury breakdown. Whole Arsenal camp hopes that this injury is not as serious as the previous one which sidelined him for more than a year.

Arsenal’s Wilshere has bruised  his left foot bone – a similar injury that led to a stress fracture in his right ankle last time. Wenger feels that they cannot risk losing him for another long period as he is very much the heart of this Arsenal side.

He will definitely miss tonight’s Champions League second leg against Bayern Munich in which Arsenal already trail by two goals. He will also miss Saturday’s match at Swansea in the league.

And Wenger confirmed that he will not be available for England’s two World Cup qualifiers this month against San Marino and Montenegro.

Wenger said,

“Jack Wilshere is out. He has an inflamed ankle, the other ankle to the one he injured. He will be out for three weeks and will not be available for Munich, Swansea and not for England. Hopefully, for the Premier League he will miss only one game. We can slowly prepare him.”

“We do a regular scan on him and on one of the scans showed up bone bruising on the heel on the left foot. He had an inflamed ankle on the right where he had surgery and certainly compensated to protect his right ankle, putting too much pressure on the left one. Every month he has a scan of the two ankles because he feels no pain.”

“There is a fear that this is how the last injury started. The last time it deteriorated into a stress fracture. That’s what we don’t want to happen.”

“With the history we had last time we said OK, it’s bone bruising, let him continue to play and it transformed into a stress fracture. That’s why the specialist said we cannot take this gamble”

“Nobody knows if it could happen again. The other ankle transformed so we don’t know.”

“Maybe I have overplayed him,”

“We are in a position as well where you always need your best players.”

“I cannot see him being available for England at all.”


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