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It’s Not Three, It’s One Kid – Reveals Raheem Sterling

Finally the myth about Liverpool and England youth sensation Raheem Sterling has been broken. The player himself opened up in an interview to Mirror, where he revealed that he has only one Kid named Melody Rose. A girl child born seven months ago after a breif relationship.

The news that broke out stating Sterling had 3 kids, and he was involved with two women has been probably the only downside of a news about him in otherwise impressive start to his career at Anfield. This might be a great relief for the Liverpool fans mainly because of all the  hype that was created across media for such a small issue. Internet searches about the player always resulted with articles stating about the number of kids he had and the women he was involved with but the Jamaican born England International is leading a serene life in his house near Wembley with his girl Shana Halliday.

Raheem Sterling with his girl Shana Halliday
Raheem Sterling with his girl Shana Halliday

Transcripts of Sterling talking about his personal life.

“I got a lot of stick on Twitter from fans. You can’t change what people think about you. But I’m not big-headed, I’m not flash or anything like that.”

“Some of the stuff you see is unbelievable. I’ve read stuff that I’ve got five kids and another on the way. It’s just crazy and it’s completely wrong.

“I find it funny to even think about it. If you bite at it, rise to the bait, then it makes it worse.

“I just laugh it off about some of the stuff that people say.

“But I’ve got no regrets. It’s a difficult thing for me. I want to concentrate on my football because I’m so young. It’s probably taught me to be more professional in how I go about living my life now. That’s really important for me.”

Probably the best quote in the interview was when the youngster said this –

‘If people foul me, Gerrard fouls them back’

Read the full interview in Mirror, where he talks about his mom, Gerrard and more.