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It’s Good That Chelsea Sacked Mourinho – Star Blues Player Reveals

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Thibaut Courtois

Chelsea had a tough time under Mourinho this season with continuous losses and unsatisfactory performances. While the fans were a disappointed lot, the player’s were more so.

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois recently stated that Sacking Mourinho may have been a necessary action by Roman Abramovic. While the Champions are currently flirting with a potential top 10 finish, Courtois states that the root of the problem was how they started their season.

“It is hard to explain why our season has been bad. Maybe it is as a result of our pre-season preparations, which were very brief.

“We returned to training on July 16 and six days later we were already playing a match against New York Red Bulls.

“We weren’t in a good physical shape. We then lost to Arsenal in the Community Shield and went on to make a bad start in the league. A downward spiral set in.

“We needed a change of manager at that point – I have no doubts about it. We drew too many matches and we have also conceded goals too easily. I could have done better with some of them.”

While the Blues have revived from their earlier performances they could not save their season and this has caused disappointments to the players more than the fans, who are happy when their team scores a goal.