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“It was a bloody cracker” Twitter Reacts To Burnley’s Stunning 2-0 Win vs Swansea City + Match Report

Match Report: Burnley 2-0 Swansea City

Burnley recorded a 2-0 win against Swansea City at home and currently share points with the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal. They are occupying 7th spot only due to goal difference and Sean Dyche’s men appear to be going from strength to strength this season.

The hosts put up an impressive display and outplayed Swansea on every level. Burnley took the lead within the first half hour of the game owing to a brilliant Jack Cork header from the six-yard box. Interestingly, the Clarets often receive criticism for their playing style, but Cork’s opener was possible only due to an exemplary sense of fluidity displayed by the club.

Burnley were defensive in terms of their general style on the field but never did they shy away from attacking. True strength does not come from having a strong defence but it comes from knowing when to attack and when to defend. That is exactly what Dyche’s men showed the world today.

Ashley Barnes then went on to add another goal hardly 10 minutes later and it was a beautiful shot taken from 25 yards. The player got close to scoring earlier but his shot was saved by Lukasz Fabianski. The second time though, Fabianski proved to be no match for Barnes.

From then on, Burnley knew they were dominating the game and they never let slip. Although Swansea showed signs of improvement in the second half, they did not have a single shot on target, barring one in injury time.

Sean Dyche has now taken his team through a hat-trick of top-flight wins, making him the first Burnley manager to do so since 1975. Also, Cork’s brilliance only goes on to show how positively Dyche has influenced players who were earlier dubbed as failures.

In fact, it also goes on to show how Dyche makes seemingly risky decisions with confidence – and the best part? They often end up working in his favour. A couple of eyebrows were raised when he deployed Ashley Barnes ahead of Sam Vokes. The latter was responsible for scoring the match-winner at Southampton but still, he trusted Barnes in place of the rested Chris Wood. That decision paid off in dividends as he contributed to the first goal while also scoring the second.

This kind of brave decision-making is a trait that is truly missed in modern managers and yet here is, Sean Dyche, manager of a newly-promoted side who is confident enough to make changes that are truly benefiting his side. In the coming months, it will be very interesting to see how Burnley go forward with this momentum they have created so far.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the Clarets’ wonderful victory: