Is This The Greatest Picture Of Zlatan Ibrahomovic Ever?

Zlatan wears something Zlatan-esque! Or we will probably call it like that. The Swede was pictured after PSG’s friendly against Real Madrid last night which they lost 1-0, thanks to a Karim Benzema strike.

zlatan1 631x1024 Just The Greatest Picture Of Zlatan Ibrahomovic Ever.

Well it looks like a sports bra, but according to Deadspin, is a performance tracking device from GPSports and is alleged to be used by various clubs. Although it might never have made the headlines with other players, when a 6-ft-5 forward appears to stand wearing something like that during the customary shirt exchange after the match, it is something that will get the media attention.

So any captions that you would like to give? Please feel free to comment below.

In other news, Speaking to L’Equipe, Ibrahimovic’s team mate Thiago Silva spoke about the Swede’s future at the club, he said:

“Will Zlatan stay? I don’t know. You know how important he is. He is a winner and a friend too. We had a phone call but we didn’t talk about his future. I hope he will stay.

“We were close to beating Barcelona in the Champions League last season. This year I expect us to do well again and I think we could win the Champions League.”

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