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Is This Manchester City Outcast A Good Option For Chelsea To Consider?

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Joe Hart has been capped 75 times by the England national team

Chelsea star 'crazy' about Real Madrid - believes club will launch bid this summer

It is always really hard to find a reliable goalkeeper, as this one is probably one of the most crucial positions on the pitch, and there aren’t many alternatives to choose from to be honest, as teams tend to lock up their keepers and it’s very unlikely that they leave their clubs.

Nowadays, it seems like the “best goalkeeper in the world” distinction is being disputed by Manuel Neuer, Hugo Lloris, David De Gea and Thibaut Courtois, so it’s only natural to see the biggest teams in the world interested in making a run at any one of them.

Real Madrid were really close to signing De Gea at the start of the last season, and now, they still apparently are not convinced of Keylor Navas’ ability to be their go-to guy on the bottom of the pitch, and there have been several reports that they’re once again on the hunt for one of the best keepers in the world, and that man is Chelsea’s star Courtois.

Courtois got off to a subpar start at Stamford Bridge since being one of the most impressive youngsters in the world during his Atletico de Madrid tenure, and even if he has managed to turn things around, he has stated several times that he wishes to go back to Spain anytime soon, and even if he played for one of Real Madrid’s biggest rivals, he could still land at Santiago Bernabeu if Florentino Perez decides to spend a lot of money, and you know he doesn’t hesitate to do so whenever he sets his eye on a player.

Having said that, it appears like Chelsea are ready to make a bid for Manchester City’s outcast and current Torino goalkeeper Joe Hart in order to be prepared in case Thibaut actually leaves the club during the next summer. But, would he be a good fit for Antonio Conte and his team? Let’s take a look.

Hart gas rediscovered his form while at Torino

Hart still has a lot to give on the pitch, as the veteran is only 29 years old, and we all know goalkeepers tend to retire on their forties unlike most players, so acquiring him now would still make sense for any team.

On top of that, the Three Lions goalkeeper is one of the most experienced and proven veterans you’ll find, while also knowing exactly what it takes to make it in the English Premier League, where he spent his entire career before being hugely disrespected by Pep Guardiola and Manchester City.

Obviously, he’s not as good as Courtois and his ceiling is way lower, but that doesn’t mean he’s not one of the most capable and reliable guys you’ll find to defend your goal, even if he tends to make childish mistakes at times and isn’t very good with his feet.

His reflexes are just outstanding and he could be a really decent backup even if Thibaut stays in the club, being a huge upgrade over their current substitute keeper Asmir Begovic, so they should definitely line up their bid for Joe Hart and make City pay for the way they treated him.