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Is This English Midfielder The End To Arsenal’s Search For A Strong Leader?

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has promised to strengthen his squad next season in an overall manner and not be limited to only making a marquee signing. That would mean signing players for covers, where the team is relatively strong. One such player who has been linked with Arsenal this season is Manchester City midfielder James Milner.

James Milner joined Manchester City from Aston Villa in 2010, but has not been featured in the side on a regular basis. So far he has only made 102 appearances with 12 of them coming from this season. He has not had too much of a part to play in City’s title winning run and thus wants his way out of the club. Arsenal, who are in search of squad players, are ready to grab onto this option and bring him to the Etihad this season.

Milner is a kind of player who is industrious and always gives his best for his team. He is a hard worker and it is his brilliant work-rate which makes him such a vital player for any side. At Arsenal he would play alongside some of the world’s best players such as Ramsey, Ozil and Cazorla, making him even more effective. Arsenal are often run down by teams who employ a physical way of playing and their brand of beautiful football are hit. With an acquisition such an Milner, it will up Arsenal’s physical quotient and make them more compatible against teams who play in a typical English style.

Mikel Arteta has already reached 32 years of age and is leaving behind his golden years. This was the sole reason why Flamini was brought to Arsenal at the beginning of the season. It must be said that Flamini’s transfer was well thought of and he became one of the most promising players of the Arsenal team, bossing the midfield and taking up leadership duties when required. Adding another player like James Milner would be helpful for Flamini to operate and will ease the pressure on Arteta. Wenger would be left with a number of options and it would be a crisis for him if one of his men faced an injury, like it happened this term. So bringing in a English midfielder, who is at the right age of his career to lead the team doesn’t sound as a bad option.

Although Milner was brought to City to play in the defensive midfield position, he has been mainly used on the wings by Manuel Pellegrini this season. This has not gone down well with the player and his effectiveness has reduced a lot playing out of position. But in times of needs, he can be used as a winger, especially on the right wings and he can help the team with his attacking instincts.

Milner would not cost a fortune to Arsenal with £10 to £15 million being a modest price as per reports from Daily Mail. Arsenal, who are not known to throw money aggressively, are also on the lookout to bring a striker as a marquee signing and thus Milner would fit the bill perfectly.

Although Liverpool are also targeting the player as Lucas’ replacement and City’s problems with the FFP can glitch the move, James Milner to Arsenal would make perfect sense for both the club and the player.

Watch James Milner’s incredible accuracy here,