Let Him Go Mourinho – Man Utd Should Let David De Gea Join Real Madrid And Here’s Why

David De Gea

Jose Mourinho Should Consider Letting David De Gea Leave And Here’s Why

Manchester United have been subjected to a harsh upheaval of fortunes. They started the season on a very strong note and were dubbed as the only team that could compete with Manchester City for the Premier League this season. However, things seem entirely different now. They could not enter the international break on a positive note, as they lost 0-1 against Chelsea, and with that result, the Red Devils are now 8 points behind City in the title race.

United’s defence has not been bad but it hasn’t been all that strong either. If not for David De Gea manning the goal, the club would have conceded way too many goals than they have done so far. Against Chelsea, the three-man centre-back line of Eric Bailly, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones did not have a good outing. And even though De Gea did what he could to avoid the loss, United’s newest defeat once again kicked off transfer rumours, suggesting that the Spaniard could leave Old Trafford to join – you guessed it – Real Madrid.

These rumours have been flying around for a long time but they could become true at this point. De Gea continues to be a rock at the back for Manchester United but are his efforts paying off? Most certainly not.

For most of the United faithful, it is incredibly tough to imagine a team without David De Gea. The goalkeeper did not start off on a strong note but he gradually built his reputation as the club’s go-to goalkeeper, making several memorable saves throughout the years. He is reliable, dependable and brings about a sense of relief among the supporters. Watching Wayne Rooney leave was tough but if United’s beloved ‘flying Spaniard’ leaves, it could be a really tragic situation for many Red Devils supporters.

Letting him leave may not be advisable but it could be a necessary move. The level of his skill and talent is far too advanced for a United side that’s playing so poorly right now. De Gea has been a standard of solidity for the Red Devils and the club could delve into deeper lows without him. But staying back at United is not doing anything to his career and personal growth.

Thus, if De Gea truly has to grow further, it might be a good idea for Jose Mourinho to let him leave. He has done everything he can for Manchester United and is continuing to do so, but is that really translating to positive results? Not really.

If he does leave, United could turn to their deputy keeper Sergio Romero. He has conceded 12 goals in 30 starts, which is not too bad. It will be a mammoth task to replace De Gea but Romero has stepped up to the plate in the past, making him a potential candidate to man the goal in De Gea’s absence.

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