Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Best Player in the World?

You cannot mention the greatest players in the sport of football without mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo. are always good for him to score whenever he is playing, and with good reason. Throughout his career, Cristiano has scored 815 times making him the highest ever goal scorer to play the game. This is impressive because this tally could increase even further with the Portuguese forward not looking to retire anytime soon. 

Having challenged himself in the English, Spanish, and Italian leagues, Ronaldo has never been shy of competing at the very top levels. He has grown accustomed to receiving silverware during his time playing with 32 major trophies in his cabinet. The greatest player to play the game? There is a strong argument for this, and here is why.

Mental Strength

Mentality plays a big part in any sport when played at the top level. You will find that across all sports, the most successful are those with mental strength. Confidence and self-belief play a big part in Ronaldo’s game. You can see that he does not doubt his ability at any moment of a game; therefore, an early substitution sometimes shows his frustrated side. Coming off in the 2016 Euro’s final saw Cristiano become the ‘Ron Manager’. Portugal won the final without Ronaldo playing, but his words, inspiration, and guidance at the sideline were among the predominant factors, even being defended in the media by the Portuguese manager, Fernando Santos.


Ronaldo is a player who can create from scratch, which not many players possess. His superb passing ability, combined with his vision, was one of the factors behind United’s success in the 2006/07 season. Regarding creativity, Ronaldo and Leo Messi are as good as each other.


Throughout his career, instinct and improvisation have played a crucial role in how Ronaldo has played the game of football. From the backheel he scored against Aston Villa or the chip hand gestures in the most recent Euro competition, the Portuguese player has never lacked flair. This use of skill and improvisation has confused many defenders over the years. Not many players stand much of a chance with tricks, step-overs, and skill.


Defenders have problems keeping up with him due to his speed, and his incredible ability to accelerate off the ball. Against Chelsea in the 2008 Champions League final, Ronaldo made a brilliant run into the box and then headed the ball past Cech. With Ronaldo from wide positions, United could take advantage of his explosiveness and direct running. This Portuguese forward is a tough player to stop on the counter.


Cristiano’s teamwork has improved over the years. The once selfish player is now in the top five assists ever created. With 272 career assists, there is no chance that anyone can claim that this player does not work with his team to create chances. This development came at Old Trafford with his formidable strike partnership with Wayne Rooney. Ronaldo can work with anyone and has continued to do so throughout his career.


He has impeccable finishing skills, and his ability to shoot from almost anywhere is truly impressive. It shows that he is a deadly force in football and can be a stunning goalkeeper with 42 goals in a season for Manchester United. Ronaldo has all the ingredients to succeed, from superb free kicks to magical backheeling.

Age and Success

At a young age, Ronaldo had already earned a strong pedigree regarding trophies. People had been associating him with being the greatest player in the world from as early as 23 years of age, and the win of the Ballon d’Or cemented this statement. By the time Ronaldo was 23, he had won the Premier League twice, the Champions League, played in Euros final, and been vice-captain for Portugal. This list is only to name a few credentials Cristiano had earned for such a young player. Some players do not earn even one of the accreditations during their entire careers.


Being able to head the ball is what can win matches, and Ronaldo can do that. He has scored 111 goals with his head in his career so far, which is pretty impressive for a player who started out with a more flair style. His height of 6’2″ makes him an excellent winner in the air.

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