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Is Bale As Good As The Previous No.11’s?

Gareth Bale will wear the No.11 shirt for Real Madrid, as I am sure you all are aware by now. But how good is he, and how does he compare to previous wearers of the No.11 jersey at the Santiago Bernabeu?

“Not another Gareth Bale article” I hear you say. Correct, this is merely a comparison with recent notable No. 11s at Real which you can debate at your leisure.

Best Real Madrid No.11 ever?

1999-2002            Savio

2002-2003            Ronaldo

2003-2004            Javier Portillo

2004-2005            Michael Owen

2005-2007            Cicinho

2007-2009            Arjen Robben

2009-2010            Karim Benzema

2010-2012            Esteban Granero

2013-09-06          Gareth Bale


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