Industrious Hazard (Chelsea) Vs Explosive Neymar (Barcelona): Who Is A Better Winger?

Currently the world of football is dominated in every sense by the two modern gods Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as these two have won 7 Ballon D’ors combined and no player currently in their age group has every come close to their record. But the question is will the world every see football greats like these two? Well currently we are witnessing some dazzling young guns who are going to be the starts of future with the likes of Eden Hazard, Neymar, Gareth Bale, Mario Gotze, Oscar, Isco, Koke and many more. It is really very difficult to pick the best player among these lads. So let us now take the two footballers who are in top notch form and compare them to land on a conclusion of who is better footballer now and has chances of reaching Ronaldo Messi standards and those two chaps are Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Barcelona’s Neymar Jr.


Both Hazard and Neymar are left sided wingers but have different roles to play. Neymar is more of a forward playing winger whereas Eden plays in a deeper position as a midfielder winger.

In Barcelona Neymar has the luxury of playing with Messi and Suarez where he has very little industrious job to do. Barca play in a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 diamond formation. Neymar’s playing position changes according to the change in formation in 4-3-3 Neymar plays as a left winger with Messi in the middle and Suarez on the right here Messi and Suarez constantly interchange their position as neither of them is a complete number 9 forward. Hence this formation is very beneficial for Neymar as he gets ample of chances which are created by Messi and Suarez to score goals. And on top of all this Neymar also has the luxury of playing with Iniesta and Rakatic. In 4-4-2 diamond formation Neymar and Suarez are the pivot forwards with Leo as a playmaker.

So with this we can conclude that Neymar’s job is majorly to net goals and also to get involved in the build-up play. This season Neymar has racked up 18 goals in Champions League and La Liga combined and made 4 assists.

Eden Hazard is the master of midfield and jack of attack. Chelsea play pressing game where every player needs to be hardworking and should also have brilliant vision. Chelsea generally play in 4-2-3-1 formation where Hazard plays on the left wing in wider positions on paper, but in reality he is all over the pitch covering each and every blade of grass for entire 90 minutes. Hazard is the link between midfield, defense and attack, he provides luxury to his forwards and other teammates by creating chances, distracting the opponent by dribbling and he is also deadly at creating chances inside the box by his classic moves. In Chelsea squad Hazard and Fabregas are most important players in the midfield as the constantly create chances for others. Hazard’s presence is also noticeable in the defense when needed. When needed Hazard also gets into goal scoring positions but most of the times he prefers to craft chances for other and is a very selfless player.


This season in Premier League and Champions League Hazard has netted 10 goals and made 4 assists which is quiet and impressive figure if you take his role into consideration.

Every coin has two sides likewise both these lads have some weaknesses. Hazard’s weakness is his short height due to which he weak in air and also Hazard is not a very good crosser. Last season Hazard was tipped by Mourinho to work on his defensive abilities but his defensive attributes are improving.

Neymar’s weaknesses are his thin physic due to which he easily gets outmuscled and he lack to attribute to contribute in defense but this is understandable for his role and position.

Final Verdict

It is very difficult to pick the better footballer out of these two as both play in different positions. Hazard is a midfielder and occasionally plays as a forward whereas Neymar is a proper forward, Hazard is an industrious player while Neymar is an explosive winger. By taking all these aspects into the account we can conclude that currently Hazard is a better footballer and also a more mature one. Both Hazard and Neymar have the potential to become modern greats and also the capability to do great thing for their respective teams.

Written by Dinesh V

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