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Indian-Born Manchester United Fan Assaulted In UK By Racists

A 56-year-old India-born Manchester United fan was beaten up badly by seven men on a packed tram in UK with more than 200 onlookers did nothing to save him from the racist attackers. Prakash Patel, a bank officer was punched in the face and head more than 18 times.

Prakash Patel, alongwith his 21-year-old daughter Devyani Patel was returning home after watching a Manchester United game, when he was brutally targeted and attacked, leaving him with black eyes, swollen face and concussion.

According to the local news papers, more than 200 onlookers did nothing to save him. Only his daughter Devyani tried to push the bad guys away from her father. A CCTV footage showed that some of the passengers were seen jumping up to get a better view of the attack on him.

Devyani said,

“I thought my dad was going to die. I was trying to pull these men off him, but no one intervened. It’s disgusting, nobody did anything,”

The victim Prakash said to Mirror,

“These men came on and started making indecent racist comments. Myself and my daughter felt distressed about it so I said ‘please behave’ and that’s when it started,”
he said.”

“They were hitting me in the face, the eyes, the head. There must have been more than 200 people just in our carriage but nobody did anything or said anything. They all just stood and watched us,”

“We are big United fans and have been going to Old Trafford for 25 years and never had any trouble … But I will only ever watch Manchester United in a box now. Never again will I sit in the stands,” Prakash added sadly.

Say no to Racism
Say no to Racism

Greater Manchester Police are appealing for witnesses to identify the attackers. This incident happened after the United versus Fulham match on January 26.

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