In Wenger We Trust Or In Wenger We Rust?

Arsene Wenger, the man to have revolutionized the “English football” way by his vision, tactics, training methods and dietary plans for players is being shunned and called names by the Arsenal faithful as they grow increasingly frustrated with the team’s almost 8 years of no trophies. One can argue what they like about Arsenal playing the best football in England, but with no trophies to show for it, one cannot blame Arsenal fans.

Arsenal are said to have one of the best youth systems as it has been proven time and again.

“We do not buy superstars. We make them.” – Arsene Wenger

Does Wenger deserve this?
Does Wenger deserve this?

It is the truth, they have brought players with immense potential and made them into superstars. Arsenal were a team everyone looked up to. They had that aura about them especially in the season of 2003-04 when they went on to become champions of English and too being undefeated in an entire season. So what has happened now?

Arsenal have always been competitive and near about to the top of the Premier League and cup runs , but I do wonder after at least 4 seasons without a trophy, why didn’t Arsene look to win the League cup and especially with the young players at his disposal he could have. The answer is that Arsenal are a “BIG” club, and with no disrespect to the trophy, Arsene played the team he thought could win the match and gave experience to his fringe players in the competition much like any other club does. He has been backed by players all throughout his career and has made kids look like footballing legends that your mother used to tell you about. Take Jack Wilshere, let alone his talent, Wenger has used him well and has made him what he is today – if not THE BEST , one of the best 21 year old midfielders out there. This example was used for people who have just recently started watching the beautiful game. Fabregas is another example.

Now one may argue that Arsenal have sold their best players in recent seasons which started with Thierry Henry being sold to Barcelona in 2007 but do Arsenal still lack the talent to win any trophies? I beg to differ. Any team would feel the loss of Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas, Robin van Persie being sold in the space of two seasons and no marquee signings to make up for that. Arsene Wenger has bought players with enough potential and promoted players he thinks are good enough. Every season starts with Arsenal doing well and everyone lauding Arsene’s vision with players and then around the new year’s time they faulter and Wenger is the villain. It is what some players have voiced too, the concern is with the selling policy but that comes down the Arsenal board. With rival clubs spending and growing big and especially since Tottenham Hotspur coming closer to Arsenal by the day, fans would love to stay above them and watch the “old” Arsenal that used to have them in their awe.

Arsenal’s current squad is good enough to win at least one of the domestic cups in the English region but again they crashed out. It is not the manager but the board that doesn’t support the club going forward with Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov ( world’s 28th richest person ) claiming that Arsenal legend Henry wants him to buy out the rest of the club too. I follow the no player is bigger than the club policy but Ivan Gazidis has failed as the CEO of the club and it is not Wenger who deserves the wrath of the fans but the board and the players.

Wilshere recently claimed that Wenger was not to be blamed but it was the players which is also true. Just when Arsenal conceded against Bayern in their Champions League tie, all I could see is Per Mertesacker looking for ways to give away the ball and just get it done with it. Only few players like Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott were trying to play for the club, the crest in front of the jersey and not the name at the back of it. Wenger surely has not lost the plot . What he has lost it, a decent Arsenal board, a fray of players that love the club more than themselves. It can be argued that it is the manager that motivates the team and players to do better. Which is the truth, considering Everton do so well in the current season. Arsene Wenger is at blame too, but not as much as the abuse he is getting from fans and celebrity fans like Piers Morgan who thinks just because he is a celebrity, his non-footballing opinion matters.

Every club has a tough time and no manager could love the club more than Arsene Wenger does. A strong CEO and a couple of summer signings and watch Arsenal be back to their best. Arsene Wenger has made Arsenal what they are today. Well the good and the bad and it is him who will bring them back to where they were. I along with everyone wants the same. So let’s hope with some magic Arsenal sign a couple of players that are desperately needed while the new players realize what it means to be an Arsenal player and do well. Maybe some 2-3 DVDs of season reviews would help them.

Written by Dinesh V

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